Fire saboteur ortus nex

Before looking on the forum i was making a build with ortus and nex this is what i got so far. I noticed all the builds in the compendium are cold based, but this works too. sry for the ring components but im out of blooms.


fixed here and there, added much needed tankability, with good rolls and justice proc that attack speed should be good too, ask or comment np

cool thank you i was kinda stuck

You could also go west with the devotions for the torch and maybe four nodes of Dying God which would boost your oa at the cost of defense. But Fiend imo is a must have (bind to fire strike or BwC) in any case.

The setup I made might have some major energy problems… might have to buy back that harp at the cost of Menhir’s two nodes which would free the medal component for something like tainted heart and allow to get that rhowans crown somehow - I’m not a big fan of agonizing flames.

the rings give enough oa and i have flashbangs wich work on everything Im happy with what it can do thanks for the setup

this is what it is now i put in your suggestions still no matts for runebound topazes.