Fire Strike/Mortar-Sorcerer

Hello guys, this is my Fire-Strike/Mortar-sorcerer i have been playing and optimizing for almost two years now:

The playstyle is quite simple: Mobs can be taken out out with fire strike, bosses can be killed with the mortar (and a lot of kiting), charging enemies like wendigos are stopped via flash freeze.

I have been playing this character for quite some time and i really like it, although it involves a lot of kiting and some enemies/bosses are almost impossible to kill without dying at least once. I have finished ultimate and some gladiator-crucibles (up to wave 150) with this build, so i can safely say that it is not a high-end build, but fun and not utter crap :wink:

I am interested if you guys have any ideas to further optimize the character without changing the basic fire strike/mortar-concept.
Is Arcane Will viable? Should i change some skills or items? :confused:

Thank you guys in advance! (And sorry for any mistakes in this text - english is not my native language.)

Hi Ingo,

Your English is very good, no need to worry on that front :slight_smile:

As for the build, maybe not so good. Your damage, OA, and DA are too low and I question whether you really wanted to be a sorcerer instead of a purifier. You have overspent on many skills, and could repurpose their points. Here’s a link without changing your gear.

Here’s a link with gear changed.

I’m not really very happy with either of these builds on paper, but maybe they will perform better in practice. Mortar trap damage doesn’t show on the sheet, after all.

Thank you so much for the feedback, i will test some of these changes!

You are right, i see that a purifier could be a better fire strike/mortar-setup - unfortunately, i started this character before the inquistor-class came out :stuck_out_tongue: