Fire to Pierce, or vice versa- Whats a good build for this?

Hey there. Been searching for some good gear to convert Fire to Pierce or vice versa. I really want to be a 2 handed ranged character in this build. Looking to play around with either an Infiltrator or a Purifier, but perhaps a Shieldbreaker or Paladin would be better… Willing to experiment with any of these additional damage conversions in this venture;

Fire > Pierce or vice versa
Cold > Pierce or vice versa
Lightning > Pierce or vice versa
Elemental > Pierce or vice versa

What gear/build-paths do you think will give me inspiration and assistance for this journey?

You have belt(unless it’s changed) for elemental to pierce conversion, also bladetwister rings.

For pierce to fire, for example cinderplate belt is nice, with flat fire damage.

As for build, freshly buffed Silverbolt gun with +3 all skills in interesting. Same time fire FS works well and Purifier have flat pierce from Inquisitor skills and Hydra devotions, so you can utilize the conversion. Also Luminari medal can be used, but in this slot you already have competition from 2 items with WPS skills.

Yeah ive got several mythical silverbolts and with that +3 I am definitely building for it. Cannot wait to use it! Always been a cool item I thought but that buff makes it reaaaaaaally fun. Will probably go Purifier since inq and demo synnergize so well.

Thanks for the tips! MY man!

So here is the build at level 53. This build will change as it progresses further but as for right now it is leveling like a bastard. I’m really impressed with it, but its definitely a glass cannon- Defenses are very sub-par. Will be nice once I can get Blast Shield.

How do you think I could improve the build so far? I am sort of exploiting as many +X to ALL skills gear as I can without hurting its ability to destroy things. Ultimately, I kinda want to use this guy as a dedicated “Demon Slayer”. I dont have the demon hunter gear set so, thats not an option anyway. Really I just want to use Mythical Silverbolt and this seems like a fun way to do it.

I plan to use this character in multiplayer to help other players complete act 4, and the rogue-like dungeon in BoC, specifically. Probably will never use him for anything else, so Aether res is a low priority for me, but all the other resistances are important to me just not sure how to get the best assembly of gear to support this build and resistances.

currently only level 53 so thats why the grim tools build is not using all the points and stuff;

Demon Slayer

Thank you in advance for any and all of your constructive criticism, feedback, and suggestions about this build- I’m having a lot of fun with it and with your help I just might be able to turn it into something good (for killing Cthonics!)

@Knife , tomorrow will play with GT with the idea about end game build with this weapon and will send you GT link.

About leveling, depends of what items you find. Level 53 you’re either in later act 4 or early 5, so aether isn’t important, but in 6 is crucial (Malmouth). Can’t see devotions from phone, but almost always I start with Bat and put it on constant/often hitting spell. Also Ghoul is good.

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@Knife, I don’t have much expierence with this, but tried to make a build with this weapon. Something like this, but idk

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Dude, nice! My build is working towards most aspects of this example… You really did a great job figuring out a unique blend for the resistances man, its seamless. Complete with 100% armor absorption and everything!

Currently just hit level 76 with the build. Will post it in grim tools either later tonight or tomorrow evening. Went a different direction from you with a couple of things- No storm box, no word of pain, no inquisitors seal (for now). Im juggling fire strike with thermite mines and mortar traps, the knockdown from FS and stun from mortars is incredible on this build man. The gear you suggested really is wonderful!

Is there a reason you only took Blast Shield to 6? I went all out with it, mine is 18 and its crazy awesome. Genius idea binding wayward Souls to Blast Shield! This is working incredibly for me, like a super powered Menhirs Will, as I also took the Ghoul.

I cannot wait until I hit level 84 and can finally use the mythical Silverbolt!!! Going to be awesome!

Thank you so much for your help!

I decide to use the weapon for pierce FS Purifier. So death sentence from Pain is must for RR. Usually not lot of options for pierce, here WoP, Assasins mark and flat from Revenant.

Inquisitor seal is the most important defense for ranged Inquisitor and also the second skill, Arcane Empowerment gives flat damage to your Fire Strike, so it’s nice boost.

Blast Shield is excellent too. Without much CDR isn’t that impressive, but still is worth more points if you have them. About procs, Blast shield works well with healing devotions, especially Giant’s blood, where you have almost guaranteed proc chance.

Couple of notes, medal isn’t working with 2h builds, maybe replace it with something? Direwolf is not working too, but better stats and +2 to Deadly Aim will free some points, cause Aim is best at 12 points anyway. Alos energy regen looks quite troubling, maybe need extra care, like Ectoplasm.

Ah, good to know about the WoP and Seal. Im steamrolling through Elite, but that will change in Ultimate and thats probably (definitely) where that RR matters most. For now, I am quite satisfied with my skills, but I will most likely respec once things get tougher.

notes; I was using empowered Enchanter’s Insignia which boosts my DPS by 1,000+ due to the Flame Touched and Temper skill buffs, but recently found a Mark of Kalastor which seems promising. I lose the flame touched buff and/or pierce resistance, but get a nice fat +62% pierce damage and a 33% on crit proc of Earthquake which can stun/slow enemies and does a bit fo damage. 2 second cooldown means this thing will be firing off almost constantly.

Not worried about Deadly Aim- With what I am currently using Deadly Aim is at 20. Ill post it in a bit.

Here it is at 76, following some of your suggestions. Plays real smooth now!

Blackwater Agent, the Demon Hunter!

Fire-pierce: Valdun set + belt=100% elemental-pierce. This set is XXX but capable of SR 7576;
pierce-fire: two rings+ belt=100%. Carnister bomb sorcerer, Vire’s might templar etc…

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Yeah i need to get myself some Valdun’s gear