Firefighting animation question

So I just had my first building catch fire. No prob. There was a well close by. BUT…

I can’t believe what I saw with the animations of the peeps who put out the fire. They all ran to the well, produced buckets, and then stood around frantically hurling water INTO the well. After a bit, their buckets disappeared and they ran over to the burning building to put out the fire with their bare hands.

Am I missing something, or was that as ass-backwards as it looked?

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You are correct. This situation is very funny, if they did not leave buckets of water all over the place. :roll_eyes:

I just wanna know where they got all the iron from to make the buckets. Could use some of that for my town.

Aren’t they wooden like the one sitting on the well!?

Take a look at the water bucket icon (like in storage or something), looks metal to me!

The game might need to add a bucket maker building to allow for putting out fires. :sweat_smile:

Upgrades from wood buckets to metal buckets with a longer shelf life and capacity for fire suppression?

I’m assuming a well has a few buckets for quick supply.
If iron would be required to make buckets, the early game will be a very difficult time.
I’m just assuming they are provided naturally along with the well(s), made from thin air and a little something else.

On the topic of fire-fighting:
Which ones of all the buildings can catch fire?
Was there a list?

I think they did not throw water at the well, they had an extinguishing animation. True, they extinguished the well itself, lol. Perhaps there is a bug here that residents should have used this extinguishing animation on the building. If we judge that they extinguish the well and enter the burning building, then if this action is reversed, then people will extinguish the building and enter (disappear) in the well, which is also strange. Here you will need an animation of scooping up water from a well. Well, or at worst, use the extinguishing animation on both the well and the building)