Firestrike Shieldbreaker?

Just want to pose a basic question…is a sword and board Firestrike Shieldbreaker endgame Ultimate-viable (I’m not concerned with Crucible or Shattered Realms, just the campaign including the expansions)?

Obviously, the most popular Shieldbreaker builds lean toward Eye of Reckoning, Aegis of Menhir, or just stacking retaliation as damage. I was unimpressed with the performance of Righteous Fervor, but I’m quite comfortable with Firestrike (I’ve used it to great effect on my dw pistol Purifier through lvl 100).

I’ve reached lvl 76 using Firestrike on a Shieldbreaker so far but it doesn’t seem to have quite the pop that I was expecting. Is it a viable attack or am I just spinning my wheels the deeper I go?

Everything works in campaign outside superbosses

Post your build so we can have a look at it and make suggestions for improvements.

To upload your character to click the ‘up arrow’ button in the upper-lefthand corner. If you have cloud saves enabled (enabled by default) your save file will be in \Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata########\219990\remote\save\main_{character name}\player.gdc

Otherwise it will be in \Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main_{character name}\player.gdc

Then click on the icon below the arrow and copy the link shown to paste here.

I’m aware that she’s highly unoptimized at this point, with some pretty poor gear, unused attributes, and that HORRIBLE poison resist! I also havn’t dug into my components to do any item tweaking.