First Build

Hey, I recently made theorycrafted my first build and since i’m somewhat new to the game I wonder how viable it seems before i attempt to make it happen.

Your main (and almost only) damage dealing ability is Aegis of Menhir. Its damage is fully converted to fire. It means that gear with physical bonuses only is half-useless for you. So, you have to change relic, rings, belt, medal and boots (or at least majority of them). It also means that you don’t need ‘Break Morale’ skill in soldier class and Assassin’s blade in devotions. Not taking / maxing Ascension in Oathkeeper skills is a crime, especially with Virtue’s helm - flat absorption is very powerful source of survivability. Devotions do not contain sources of health recovery and your life steal level of 7% is not enough alone. And so on and so forth.

Your general idea (getting as low cooldown of Aegis of Menhir as possible and maxing the skill) is correct. But you should focus on fire damage only.