First character pyromancer need advises

Hi guys,

I recently discovered this game, loved it, and my first characters is flirting with end game. I’m currently lvl 97, and I really start to struggle.

I’m a fire pyromancer, because it seemed logical for a while, grimtools here :
I don’t have a lot of stuff (that’s an euphemism) and even struggle to farm those recent times. I died quite often against elite, and actually cannot beat most of the quests bosses.
What, if anything, am I doing excessively wrong ? Or am I just too bad to the hit-and-run game ?

Well just the complete lack of Aether resist may be killing you all the time. You take for example 5 times more damage from it than you should. Also your pierce res is also terrible when Blast shield is not active which is most of the time. Lightning and Poison not maxed out either. DA could also be higher.

As how to improve those parameters - best to look at similar builds and check how they do it.

OK, outside of resistances, like aether and pierce which should be maxed, their are few other problems:

  • Solael Witchblade should be on Fire Strike. Movement rune can’t proc it well.

  • You don’t have Termite Mines, why? Max them quickly. Take few points from Curse of Frailty first node.

  • Some of your devo procs are not assigned it seems.

  • You should improve your augments in rings and your off-hand is missing augment. Hands don’t have component.

  • Lack of any stun is disturbing.

  • Lack of slow on Fire Strike is even worse.

  • You should take Possession, it will give you some resistance, damage absorb and skill disruption.