First HC run

Going for a dw purifier focused on fire and cold mainly
Any tips on what devotions to use are apreciated,also anything else that might help me see this trough are also apreciated
Note that my hc stash is empty since this is my first playtrough

This is what the build might look like,i’m open to suggestions though.Only edited skills,items whatever i get on the way,as for devotions i have no clue since it’s a totally different play style.I’m guessing toad,hp steal,resists,DA/OA is the way to go,full defence in a word or two.

It is not really a HC-related question so all I could say as a HC player is to find a decent build of purifier first, there should be some in a compendium. Or if you feel like you got a different concept then outline it in so that we at least had something to discuss.

Blaster, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Posting your build using grimtools as Stupid Dragon suggests is a good idea as it lets us see where you are so far build-wise and make suggestions to improve it going forward. To do that though you need to have 3 posts on the forum so stick a couple of sentences/comments/whatever here:

We have a dedicated thread for this. :wink:

And you’ll find the build compendium here:

There are some but none has the HC tag

I’ll edit my first post with a link

Also,can you recover anything from your inventory once you die?Or do i have to share stash everything that’s valuable?
Do hc players play with people that use gd stash?Only to stash items,no edits or anything

Checked your build. As expected, it’s bad. No Inquisitor Seal, no Blast Shield, no Vindictive Flame, no Thermite Mines, but somehow you included Word of Pain. My friend plays a build like that so if you want I could ask him to give a grimtools link. It’ll probably be worse than some of the people’s builds out there though.

There is very little difference between how people build on SC and on HC. HC tag is :rolleyes: :smiley:

No, you can only use shared stash. Personal stash is lost with a character.

Stashing items with GDstash? Sure, why not, as long as you’re not using it to dupe or cheat. But overall the HC playerbase is so small that you’ll be challenged to find people to play with.

Alright,what to drop and what to take?Spoon-feed me because theres too many skills and not enough skill points :slight_smile: if it’s not too much to ask

Always the problem - and as Zantai would say “working as intended”. :wink:

Alright, but later. I’m at work at the moment. :eek:

Sadly a friend of mine is absent today, so I couldn’t get his build as a referrence (and yes, he’s my partner in HC multiplayer), so I’ll try to be brief.

First of, why fire and cold? I mean, Inquisitor and Demolitionist have an obvious fire and lightning synergy, so why deliberately ignore lightning? Ofcourse you can get Chilling Rounds if you want to.

Second, why do you need Word of Pain? It’s a waste for the gunslinger, or do you build caster? Saved points can be invested in a more crucial stuff.

Third, Inquisitor Seal is a superb defensive ability - max it. It’ll allow you to stand still and shoot instead of running hectically. It can pretty much carry you through normal if your other defenses do not suck. Seal makes inqusitor-based gunslingers quite safe before it’s end game, and even then it’s very useful.
Put a point into Null Field and max Arcane Empowerment as well.

Next, you don’t need Ranged Expertise maxed, because you’re not a pierce build. Put 2 points for some cheap attack speed.

Put 11 points into Vindictive Flame (sweet spot) and 10 points into Thermite Mines (sweet spot)

The way I see it skill build will be something like that:
Usually there’s opportunity to take more stuff due to +skills that items have, but since you don’t have any there’s nothing to discuss. As a general rule you don’t need more than 11 in Vindictive Flame, more than 10 in Thermite Mines and more than 12 in Deadly Aim, so if you happen to gain more remove hard points from skills and reinvest them elsewhere. Many people fancy extra points in Blast Shield, but I think 12/12 is fine. It’s not your main method of defense, more like a safety belt.
Word of Renewal is among the things you need to consider if you happen to get some spare points. Vigor is esp. good for cc resists, which are hard to come by.

As for levelling there are a great number of strategies. E.g. open Inquisitor, max Ranged Expertise and put points into mastery bar. Then at level 10 get Demolitionist and respec Inquisitor leaving only 1 pt in Ranged Expertise and reinvest into Fire Strike and Explosive Strike.

Awesome,much appreciated!
What about devotions?

Usually I use a very offensive devotion setup and compensate with more defensive gear. In case of Purifier maybe something like that?