First lvl100 character - Noob need help

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to say thank you to the Crate team for developing such great game!
I have problem with my second character (but first to hit lvl100 and finishing Main Campaign + the DLC’s)
I wanted to make 2h melee vitality ritualist and I have seen similar character (I think made by RektbyProtoss) on YouTube but it was more Bone Harvest and generally cast oriented.
I’m trying to farm SC50 in ultimate but I’m getting obliterated - same in gladiator crucible.
Could anyone tell me what should I change in my build to make it more tanky - what items I should look for or should I change skills/devotions?
I guess it is mainly low OA/DA fault or maybe armor - I just don`t know how to further improve those stats.

Here is the link for the GT:
Thanks in advance for your answers and sorry for my bad English!

Ugndenbog Leather for Antivenom Salve. Second Bloodied Crystal for Frozen Heart. 3rd armor absorption component on the chest or Scaled Hide on the pants. Better resistance augments (like you got one single vit res augment and one single acid res augment - why not 2 vit/acid augments?). Better relic, medal, pants, rings, belt, gloves, complete Blood Knight set (or Wildblood and hybridize with Grasping Vines).

Take Ghoul.

Get one of Nerco’s damage redux - RE or Ill Omen.

Thank you for your suggestions - guess it’s time to farm a lot of components and equip :slight_smile:
I do have full Wildblood set but Grasping Vines were much worse for dealing with trash mobs than Bone Harvest IMO and BH gives buff to attack damage.
Do you think that I should still go for Ghoul even when my life steal is around 35% without bloodthirster?
Will have to find skills from which I can siphon points for RE or Ill Omen.

His build has 41% phys res and plenty lifesteal without ghoul.
Its also far from mandatory for melee builds, if you need ghoul to survive, your defences are flawed to begin with.

@Bananow9393 I changed some components, augments and skill points around to get you more DA and armor, I dont know what component blueprints you currently have availlable, but its just to give you an idea on how to get your DA up.

I didnt touch your devotions, since those are fine, maybe experiment a bit with different skills on different procs.

Thank you Kriegor! Now I need to farm mats for components as two days ago I went a bit crazy with crafting and experimantation and in two hours I spent 90 Ugdenblooms and around 200 Aether crystals - now I’m left with nothing :smiley:
I will try Ill Omen and wendigo totem today.
I also have crafted Bloodrager helmet - is that 20% weapon damage to savagery worth considering it?
Thanks for help.

The 20% weapon damage is nice, but since you are vitality focussed at the moment, bloodrager isnt that great since its more bleed focussed.

Like ya1 suggested before, you could try and see if you get lucky with drops and either use the full blood knight set, or the wildblood set depending on which you like more.