First time GD Loghorrean


I am on my first playthrough of the game. I consider myself a seasoned ARPG gamer and I have a thing for playing Hardcore. So I play the game in normal (veteran) HC. As I am playing the content for the first time and on HC I am ofc overlevelled, just saying, in case someone will say “lvl 57 and you are still in normal!”. :slight_smile:

I am now at the final boss of act4 (Loghorrean). I did a bit of research, so I wont come in and loose to strange mechanics or so. From what I read the fight is pretty tough, at least for some builds. So I basicly just wanna check with you how tough you think it would be for me?


loghorean is far from hard. Just facetank. Boost your acid resistances a bit. When he spits something disengage. For your safety kill mobs first. Other than that it should be a breeze. Dont forget chaos resist too

Ok, thanks for the input.

Yea I read about poison&acid, chaos and somewhat vitality, so I plan to drink potions for those before entering. Might have an iem with some more chaos I can switch to also.

While Im at it, do you think SoT and Bastion is possible too?


SoT - yes, just don’t forget to use hoarfrost ointment before you entered in Alcamos room

Bastion - highly doubt, your chaos/vitality resistance are quite low, and Shar’Zul could cut all of your resistance by half.

Pretty much all content in Normal mode is doable XD If you want a REALLY easy time, max out Inquisitor’s Seal and take zero damage from literally everything in that mode.

he is at least as far from easy for someone who encounters him for the first time on HC and does not have the luxury to die and continue fighting.

Definitely get your resistances up, ideally have a skill that deals a ton of single target damage that you can use every once in a while and fight the mobs he spawns in a distance.

SoT should be doable, BoC is harder, esp the last boss, but with good resistances and being careful he too should be ok

Thank you very much for all the input!

I just did Loghorrean and the story is the same as for all my big boss fights that I am afraid of. I over level, over equip and then I enter and totally destroy the boss :smiley:

SoT here I come!


Ah, Hardcore. You gonna have fun heart attack experiences when you first meet Loxmere or Grava on Ultimate.

Aha, good to know. As its my first playthrough any tips like this might save my as at least one or two times :smiley:

Just a quick comment - looking at the devotions, I’m not sure you realize that you can respec out of Crossroads (or other devotions) once you no longer need them. For example, you could respec those four points and finish Kraken and have two points into whatever your next target is. Something with RR for your primary damage type, hopefully.

For tips on dangerous bosses, see the Hardcore Survival Guide and Hardcore Survival Guide - AoM edition if you haven’t already. Good luck!

Maybe you already know this, but when playing a Tremor build (Forcewave + Transmutor) you need cast speed instead of attack speed.

Chains of Anguish in the belt-slot. OOOOOPHH!

That troll-proc is basically guaranteed to kill you at some point in elite or ultimate. Get rid of that ASAP.

Oh ok. I pretty much just added that and did a 5 minute play test and the thing never proced. So I went all in on the thought that it was because Forcewave was a spell and was not considered an attack?

Spells are considered an attack as well. Pretty much everything counts. Its not a bad belt per se, some characters (f.e. such that have an immunity-skill such as mirror or blade barrier) can make use of this belt. However, -50% armor and lowered resitances will 100% get you murdered some time in higher difficulties or crucible. Get unlucky once and RIP. Especially bad for HC.

I’d advise you to stay away from HC unless experienced enough. Or you risk to get disappointed and frustrated. Especially if you intend to push higher difficulties and content.
Have a playthrough on SC to learn the game - enemies, danger potential of enemies, mechanics, ingame rules.
GD isn’t balanced around HC, and also there are some mechanics and encounters with a great potential for lethal burst damage no matter what.

Well, parts of me regret the choice a bit, but mostly I don’t. I picked it by default as I played PoE for some time with the knowledge that I can keep playing my char if he dies. At level 20 I realised that the same system isn’t used in GD (which I actually find better, dead shall be dead imo ;))

But I guess I’m experienced enough. I have played ARPG for longer than many of the users here lived probably. :slight_smile: Starting at Diablo 1. I started playing HC a few months into Diablo 2 and I haven’t played SC in any ARPG since. I managed to do most content in PoE for example.

But knowing GD isn’t that balanced för HC is good information, that will keep me on my toes.



Good job playing HC on your first playthrough! Watch out for the super-dungeon in the next act though - Ancient Grove can test your build. Make sure you have a good stash of +resist and regen pots…

Lol, impressive. I was naming the first game that I played that you could play with others though. I started with Eye of the beholder I guess, so I still don’t beat that. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t playing the first Rogue (that came out when I was 5) - it was later builds, along with Moria and Hack.

Actually 57 is kinda normal, to be honest, if you are a bit of a completionist in your playthrus trying to get everything you can that is easily attainable at this stage with minimal farming.

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