First time HARDCORE char

UPDATE #1Calli , Lokkar , Clone of Bourbon – are dead ! with almost no improvements from the original build posted
SPECIAL THANKS TO ----- WUTUEMOE (steam) for filling the missing STONEGUARD Piece

Still missing the Thornhide Legguards tho :frowning: and a good roll on the maiden shoulders with Retal

New Setup —

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Hey there , so you want to play hardcore ???
" But i have never played that mode , i got no blueprints or reps – :frowning: "

Before we proceed you should take into consideration a few things that CAN and WILL kill you during your first playthought.

1 - Choosing the right hero as first time – ( Mine was Phys Retal Warlord )
The build i rock ( while making this )

2 - Huge dense of enemies that are dealing several types of damage AOM or FOG or TOTEMS

3 - Enemies that can DISPELL YOUR BUFFS — ( ARCANE / MAGECLAW )
Before you proceed into Hardcore spam a few normal games — focusing on TOTEM RUNS
When you get the ( ARCANE / MAGECLAW ) enemies to spawn , focus on killing them slowly so you
can time the rotaion of their DISPELL projectile ( PURPLE SLOW MOVING BALL )
“special” heroes Loxmere Nightmage and Grava’Thul are also able to dispell.


Fire projectiles
Initial use timeout: 7 Seconds
Delay until next use: 12 Seconds
352 Energy Cost
2.5 Meter Radius
982 Elemental Damage
1065 Burn Damage over 5 Seconds
33% Slow target for 3 Seconds
Fire an effect that removes buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies
(100% Chance on Attack)
1 Second Duration
2 Meter Radius
12% Reduction to Enemy’s Health
30% Energy Burn (50% of Energy Burnt causes Damage)

( My strategy – Engage -> 3 sec fight -> bait the DEBUFF SKILL while kiting -> rince & repeat )

If you get HIT ! -> ESCAPE AND REDO THE GAME ! Don’t try to be RAMBO ! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Once u have mastered that it’s all about knowledge about the game.

While i like having more then 1 escape option , investing 1 point into Vire’s Might has saved my bum alot of times.
Since the Soldier skill requires a target to move , Vire’s might is free to use wherever u target it.

I do not recommend skipping content ! or running stuff that is considered More then you can handle atm.

Exploring the WHOLE MAP will make it easier to spot TOTEMS later so you can grind needed gear. What i do for totem runs ( i just teleport to a gate -> nearby totems ( yes / no ) -> next portal -> rince & repeat -> reset game.

Proper gearing is a MUST while i mainly focused on items that give ( Phys Retal ) and skipping a lot of good upgrades at that time. Never had trouble or getting that low to emergency ESCAPE and Leave game

While Retal Warlord tends to soak ALOT of beating ( there comes a time your kinda squishy ) that’s where your Soldier skill OVERGUARD comes into play DO NOT USE IT IF NOT NEEDED

Retain your self from doing the most powerfull celestials until you are not properly geared !!!

Gameplay wise - same as normal games ( but you have only 1 life ) so don’t be speedy to hit that endgame faster , sometimes slower is better and safer.

Hope this helps anyone willing to try out Hardcore , it is a fresh new start from the normal game spamming , knowing u have only 1 chance to prove your self makes it even better , and the lack of blueprints , iron , saved items and whatever else you can thing of makes it even better.


Lost my first HC char last night to Grava’Thul, died in 2 shots.
Physical EoR build, with 22k health, over-capped resistances.
3.2k DA, 3.5k armor without cooldowns and 100% armor absorption.
10k physical damage shield from stonetreaders boots
3 survival skills:
66% resilience
50% serenity relic
33% menhir’s will

In most boss fights it felt safe with a few scary encounters like Gargabol in the ancient grove.
I get that nemesis bosses should be challenging but it seems there is a balance issue making melee builds struggle with some fights even though the build feels very solid elsewhere.

Were you nullified?

Just as i mentioned in my rotation on these kind of enemies —> 3 sec > bait > go in again

There are VERY LITTLE classes in the game that can face tank him. Safest bet is just not bother with him on HC. If you insist you have to bait his nullifcation bolts while his hands raise in mid air, you have to dash or run away fast because if it hits you are dead.

I think only pet builds ever ignore his mechanics completely and even then some of his aoes kill pets fast.