First time poster and player!

I found this game through an article on Kotaku and wow. I am massively impressed with this game! This should be a full priced titled! But I’m glad it not so we can get as many people as possible playing this!!

I am a long time Diablo player, and this game screams Diablo 2 spiritual successor but so much more.

I am playing through slowly now and enjoying it a ton and look forward to all that it holds for higher level playing.

Great work on this and I look forward to seeing fellow players in game!

Welcome to the addiction, glad you found out corner of paradise!:slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. Enjoy!

Thanks guys! See you in game!


Hah, I agree! That being said, you could always buy the Loyalist edition if you want to support the developers more. :wink: I got one and gave my old key to a friend.