[FIX] Transmuted Celestial Presence bugfix for

How to install:

  • download 4.16 MB file on MEGA

  • unpack the archive to get GDX2.arz file

  • overwrite the file with the same name in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\gdx2\database

@fordprefect @grey-maybe


Or, you know, wait for the hotfix Zan said is coming.

I don’t know when the hotfix will be released. Some players have Oathkeeper builds to test using the Guardians transmuter and they can do it right now instead of waiting and move on to other builds for example.

Thanks, good work but I’ll probably wait for the hotfix since I have a lot of other builds to update and a few more that I made while in the playtest.

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Btw the bug is caused by a single letter b missing in all 26 guardian files after celestialwrath1
(highlighted), see there’s b in the celestialguardian_26b.dbr and …_bladearc1b.dbr:

As a consequence it links to the wrong version of Celestial Presence.
Although the fire version is given, it’s not cast because it’s not configured in the other part
of the file - Skill Configuration - where celestialwrath1b is written without this typo.
If this was with a typo as well, Scions would cast the fire version instead of doing nothing.