Fixing Behemoth's giant blood proc

A simple solution is to add 20 energy regen/second to it.

That would move it from a healing to energy management devotion. Not sure I agree with that.

Perhaps making it a circuit breaker while increasing the heal and the heath regen but with a shorter duration
A rough example would be: At 40% health heal 30% + 1500 of health and 600 health regen for 5 seconds

+1 to triggering it at low health instead of on hit. That would make it far more useful/reliable.

That said, I find Healing Rain much more useful, probably because of the better uptime, and that is proc on hit.

If you use it with Arcanist or Demo you can just bind it to Arcane Will or Blast Shield.

It gets 96% proc chance with Blast Shield.

Nope, this would fix nothing. PPl pick Behemoth for healing, not for energy regen. Healing and %hp gain need to be significant to worth picking it. Right now all this healing stuff is nearly useless.

While that is genious, wouldn’t it be better if behemoth was a useful constellation for all masteries? I’m all for changing it to be a circuit breaker.

I’ve always stuck behemoth to things like blast shield, etc.

it’s just still very lack luster in the late game. I would hypothesise that it’ll be worse than useless in SR

This will make healing rain obsolete.

+1 to circuit breaker

Circuit breaker is the clear solution, although I wouldn’t mind an increase in uptime either.