Fixing my Druid

My druid is kind of a squish and i don’t know what to do or how to fix her. Even though she has high OA and decent Armor but the DA is so bad, even with Arcane Will proc, it only reach near 2k4. I tried to push SR 70 but died a lots and can’t push even with good mutators ( or kind of). And also i always get 1 shot by Gravathul, it just slap me dead before “peel off toggle skills” phase, how can i deal with it ?

This is ingame stats

gonna take a stab at it more being your resist overcaps and phys res than your DA that hinders you, not that the DA isn’t fairly low for a melee

don’t need irrah augment on neck
ditch ancient plate in legs, pop a scaled hide and slot a hallowed ground or another living armor in chest,
mark of mogdrogen in boots feel kinda excessive with that amount of HP you have and the low resist overcaps


Something like this for the beginning Resistances have OK overcaps, more DA. I did not change devotions, but I would consider dropping Ultos in favor of Ghoul since we have %Elemental RR from Viper. And farm other pants, preferably with DA.


Yeah, i find mark of mog increase just a slight hp so i should change.
Thanks for your helping. Very aprpreciate.

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Play on a beta test patch because the helmet got buffs:


Mythical Stormreaver: increased Lightning damage modifiers for Cadence and Savagery to 150-250 and 70, respectively and increased Electrocute damage modifier for Savagery to 120 / 3s

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add OA and Lightning damage to IEE is so sweet, thank you for the information

Wouldn’t you get more out of a Haunted Steel instead of Seal of Blades if you’re only using it for ADCtH anyway?

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Seal of blade give a toggle skill = less button to push. Also give pierce resist and a little bit of armor when toggle.
Haunted steel give button skill, really long cooldown ( around 16s with all the cooldown reduction from arcanist skills and devotion) and you have to activate to have bleed resist.
I might change to seal of corruption to have kind of debuff skill ( rings and belt convert 100% aether to lightning)

Haunted Steel has innate 8% ADCtH and you don’t really need pierce overcap. I would value that extra 3% more than 8% armor.


I like Haunted Steel too, it’s mini-ghoul, useful especially that you don’t have the real Ghoul. It’s a button you don’t mind pressing because you would die otherwise (or can play more aggressively).

You have almost no Cooldown on your character from what I see. Doesn’t matter though because item skills are not affected by % CDR reduction

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Also should i switch ultos to ghoul ?
I feel like ultos is a little " over damage" and ghoul provide a safe gameplay

You could always first try the suggestions made in this thread thus far and see how that fares. If you still find yourself dying more than you like, you could then make some devotion alterations, like switching out Ultos for Ghoul.

EDIT: To add to this, it kind of depends on your play style too. Your current devotion setup looks a little more caster focused. So if you want to keep that, you should probably spec more into Wind Devils. If you want to facetank enemies, switching out Ultos for Ghoul seems more reasonable.


Switching to Ghoul is much safer and I can push to SR 70 71. Thank you very much

Haunted Steel is so good. 2 Ghoul ( kind of) make the SR push so smooth. Forgive my stupid and thank you very much for the idea

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A small thing to consider is that when your char uses spam atk a lot (auto atk or spam caster), you should use a glove with atk/cast speed. It boost your dps way more higher than 100-200% dam. I played this Veilkeeper for a while (with Lightning Druid or Aether Ritualist) and the damage is not really great compare to other Savagery dam type builds