Fixing the Occultist's Familiar

Hello! I’d like to discuss a problem near and dear to my heart, that being the state of the Occultist’s Familiar. Sadly, it has two major quirks that have existed for quite a while and, quite frankly, make it extremely annoying to use.

Firstly, it uses the ranged combat AI, causing it to do silly things like attack walls. Yes, enemies have this problem as well, so why should the player’s pets be an exception? I get it. It would still be nice to see this fixed eventually, for pets and enemies alike. I understand if this is not possible, however. A workaround/rework might be to make the Familiar a kind of over-the-shoulder pet that sticks with the player character at all times. It would cut down on the AI annoyance, and make it a bit more unique and defensive compared to other pets. Either way, it takes a backseat to the second issue.

The second problem is that the poor bird seems to have narcolepsy, because no matter what’s going on it’ll periodically stop doing anything for a few seconds. Enemies all around? Throw out a couple volleys, and then nap time. Travelling? It never goes to the bathroom before leaving, so it keeps making pit stops and lags behind. This absolutely, positively must be fixed. Like… if nothing else ever got fixed as a result, I’d still want it done. I’ve also got a spare kidney if that’s what it takes. I cannot bring myself to play any pet build (a manifestation-based Warlock in particular) featuring the Familiar until this gets fixed.

On a more positive note, thank you for the excellent work you’ve done on this game. It’s the best hack n’ slash ARPG on the market right now, and I wish I had been aware of it back when the kickstarter launched so I could have helped fund it. :smiley:

Umm, because player’s pets cost a crapload of skill points?

And? How do you know that your enemies haven’t spent a crapload of skill points on their fancy pants ranged attacks? HMMM? Really though, I was just making a little jest about the reason why the Familiar has its silly wall-shooty AI. Clearly it’s to be fair to the LoS-impaired ranged enemies and avoid hurting their feelings by showing them up.

Note to self: Refrain from facetiousness on the internet to avoid derailing one’s own thread. :rolleyes:

You forgot to use the sarcasm font. It’s an easy mistake to make.