Flame Torrent cooldown?

Does anyone know if the Fiend constellation’s Flame Torrent has an internal cooldown (of like 0.1s or something)?
Obviously it says it has no cooldown, but I’d just like to be sure because I want to push it to its limit.

From my experience there seems to be a roughly 0.3 second delay/CD, but I could be wrong.
Tested it with dual wield Firestrike.

I’m using it in a few of my builds and it goes off a lot! The only thing keeping it away from proccing 24/7 is the low chance on attack. I have it on a spammable CT build and the aoe burn works into that as well so you’re surrounded by flames all the time :slight_smile:

fun fact binding it to Thermite Mines make up for a awesome aoe as every single mine can proc flame torrent (don’t know it the dmg stacks though)