Flame Touched conversion on Gargabol MI and WPS

Hello everyone,

I was browsing builds to get some idea about a gun DW character. I was thinking to try to build an ele DW purifier until i saw that build :

There are comments about conversion.
i am interested in the flame touched skill modifier conversion. If i understand it correctly, that conversion apply to WPS too, right ?
Can someone confirm that skill modifier conversion would then apply to inquisitor WPS ?

I had the weird ( and probably bad ? ) idea to try a vitality purifier. Maybe with radaggan set to boost aura of censure ?
How “bad” a build like that would be ? Would it be only for fun ?

Thanks for your advice !

the modifier works like: when Flame Touched is active, all of your flat elemental damage will be converted into vitality.

Radaggan Purifier is a meme idea. Inq and Demo have 0 native vitality support (instead of Necro), also Radaggan’s set is kinda meh.

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Thank you for clarifying the conversion @afanasenkov26

I expected that kind of answer about the build, and i agree with that. It’s always good to have another opinion

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