Flame Touched Question


I’m building a two handed rifle Demolitionist/Shaman.

When I first started leveling, I maxed Flame Touched. But now that I have played the game a bit, I question this decision. Mostly because the damage increase seems to be aimed more at late game (using % increase) than early game (flat damage). But I can deal with that. My real question is about it’s use.

In short, I notice that Flame Touched adds: Flat Fire Damage, Flat Offensive Ability and 100% Fire, Lightning and Burning Damage. But it reads that it has a 12 meter radius.

Does this radius effect when the attack has this damage applied? IE: If it strikes a target within 12 meters of me.
Or does it simply always get applied to the attack. Because the attack originated from me and I am always within that 12 meters?

The latter. 12 range is the range of the buff aura.

The range is the radius in which it buffs your pets or multiplayer teammates.

The flat OA addition is godly. This is a mandatory ability for every Demolitionist.