Flames of Ignaffar needs a buff

Even with 15 points in the base skill a 1 point Albercht Aether Ray deals more damage then Ignaffar on top of that Ignaffar has a very short range unlike Aether Ray meaning you have to get very close to use it.

AAR does more damage than CT and PRM as well. They were waiting to be buffed for ages, so Ignaffar will have to wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ingaffar selling point is DoT, you dont need to spam it to deliver dmg. I think its fine as it is. :roll:

DPS you say. With it having 4 times more DOT than direct damage tooltip is showing bonkers

I don’t have anything to compare it with within the expansion content but won’t mind a little buff :slight_smile:

What really pisses me off about this skill is mana cost. Here again, non-arcanists have to become mana pot addicts or chain themselves to the tree of life

That’s weird for a channeling skills main damage to be DoT…

What’s wrong with the energy cost? You can easily reduce it by 40%+ I can hold button down for 2mins straight without running out of mana with only 2000 mana and 60regen

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Its ridiculous. I have to use pots after every bigger than average pack, if not in the middle of a fight. At 26-12-12-12 and 100 regen, with 25% reduction from endless flame and 18% more from items.

The upgrades add that much more energy cost??? Not wonder it has such high DoT then…

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Grain of salt, I’m only halfway through Elite, but I have it maxed and I’m having zero issues. I have never had an easier time blasting through content and facetanking all the bosses showing up with levels highlighted in scary purple. Can’t wait to laugh at Shar’Zul again. And I’m using only found items.

As much as I would benefit from it being buffed, I can’t see any justification at this point. There’s really no comparison to AAR, which has always needed more love. The big difference–FoI scales, AAR doesn’t. That’s what leaves AAR in the dust.