Flames of Wrath Amulet doesn't make any sense

Mythical Flames of Wrath

Amulet converting 25%fire to aether but giving fire retal, flat damage to fire, and a baffling GoE mod.

  • Back in AoM, I thought this item is intended for an aether inquisitor, but the addition of GoE mod is very confusing to me. Why give flat fire to GoE? Why give lightning RR to GoE?
  • Fire retal hasn’t get any presence except hellborne. Converting fire to aether makes that flat fire retal absolutely useless.
  • Skill bonus is kinda general. Though I can’t imagine any situation where I want this amulet over any other aether amulet.

Personally, I don’t know what to do or what to add for this amulet to be able to fill in any niche spot. I just feel that I need to raise this up because I think this amulet is one of the worst legendary amulet out there.


Now that I’m taking a closer look at it…it might actually be good for lightning retal if the fire/aether conversion can be removed.

Yes, I don’t understand what this item is for too. And most people I know as well. If it’s for stormbox then there’s aetherbolt pendant, if it’s for dreadscorcher then I’d probably go with either monger or SG set.

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and for Lightning Retla we have dawnbreaker;s set, which already includes amulet.

Maybe…but it might be interesting to try scion of burning vengeance instead

I wanted to use it but the conversion stop me. Fire OK amulet which converts my fire damage. Yikes!

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and giving you unrelated RR.

If you play lightning OK build, amulet+Pyram off hand= 30 lightning RR to GoE. Food for thought.

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What are you gonna do with all of this lightning RR on OK though? The only lightning OK build I know is Cyclone, but even then the conversion of fire to aether is harmful there.

It is a mess, but the primary issue is the conversion. Iirc this was the variety-killer even in AoM, before it got all the FG stuff added.

I think I came up with a reasonable build concept for it. Will explore it in GT once I get home.

Look around and you’ll see there’s item skill modifiers for Lightning OK skills - EoR, Judgment, Aegis all come to mind. There’s nothing stopping someone from doing Lightning with Righteous Fervor either.



I think this is the best use of this amulet. Looks deliciously retarded. :laughing:

I have to admit that that looks decent. But the ammy remains very specific…much like a conduit.

Honestly, I think a problem with this amulet is that it’s simultaneously trying to benefit Aether, Fire and Lightning builds. I think if it either cut one of those out or made one more of a minor element, it would be overall better for it.