Flat Damage Absorbtion does it stack?

So I’ve got a quick question on flat damage absorbtion:

If I pop an overguard on top of an inquisitors seal will the flat damage absorbtion stack? ie 200 from the inquisitors seal at level 12 + 90 from level 12 overguard? = 290 flat absorbtion?

or does the strongest source only count ie in this case inquisitors seal

Yep, part of why Tacticians are nigh unkilable:)

Excellent. I’m making a new tactician to try and take out ravager. I found a sick 11% Stalwart Rylok Crest of Readiness with about 60 flat DA as well. This is too good too leave sitting in stash.

I’m making an internal trauma forcewave build. Trying out the blue and yellow devotions for super tankiness.

Now I just need to find octavius shield and I’m set. :slight_smile: