Fleshwarped Carbine question

Hello everyone,

I never before paid much attention to a lot of MIs, but last night I found this:
And since I have Dreadscorcher in back of my mind for a while, this made me wonder.

Is this 20% considered WPS, or is it independent proc that can coexist with for example Reaping Strike?
Spellbinder provides best hard points of flat aether (Reckless and Spectral bind), but then I get only 1 usable WPS (above mentioned RS). Maybe some item granted AA replacement would be nice too…

I know that this is far beyond any hypershred potential, but I would just like to make a build that can go through campaign.

It’s not WPS skill. It’s separate chance to do that amount of damage.

If you want 2H Spellbinder better use Vortex of souls gun. Plus this MI have bad rolls, so even Dreadscorcher is better.

Sadly you don’t have proper auto attack but you can always use Shard of Beronath.

its a good question. It seems very vague. How long do you have the boost, does it have a cooldown. In other words is it any good?

Every time dmg is dealt, a roll is made with 20% chance of success. If it succeeds, that particular instance of dmg goes with global %aether increased by +822%. Ezpz. You can treat it as +164%aether in the long run.

I’m 75% sure (20% chance to be 375% sure:smirk:) it’s to all attacks like I described. Two reasons: 1) +%dmg on weapons adds to global %dmg and applies to all attacks, not just wpn dmg attacks. 2) that same stat on Stormcaller Pact applies to all attacks, not just wpn dmg attacks (tested with Totems).

so its a 20% chance on every instance of damage done affecting only the instance that triggers it having no cooldown.

This is correct.

Of note, DoT builds reap the most benefit from this as the boost if it rolls on the first tick of a DoT application lasts the full length of it. Getting an +x% increased damage chance proc and having it crit on DoT builds is extremely potent.

Too bad aether doesn’t have any DoT’s :frowning: