Flu cannot be cured


The population in my town has got the flu, but the flu cannot be cured. I have established four hospitals in the city, but patients with influenza do not go to the hospital. The flu keeps spreading, but I can’t cure it.


Indeed. The flu cannot be cured. The treatment is rest and fluids!

  • And in the game’s period, Fluids that include water may come with Cholera or Dysentery, Rest will probably result in bed sores, infection and sepsis.

I’m really surprised the game doesn’t include some of the more egregious Food Poisonings, like ergotism as a Fun Addition to growing Rye and other grains - villagers dancing madly through the streets in manic fits until they drop dead or gangrene removes their feet . . .

Thanks for your response. The flu continued to spread, and it only stopped spreading after I reloaded the game. I think that incurable and constantly spreading diseases are unreasonable.

  • Especially since the game already has Bubonic Plague and Smallpox, two also-incurable-at-the-time diseases that, IRL, wiped out entire communities whenever they took hold.
    What might work as a game mechanic would be to have these diseases only apply at higher levels of difficulty, have a higher recovery rate than the 1/3 to 2/3 death rate that occurred in reality, but have Hospital effects virtually nil for them. Rest and fluids might work for flu (so, putting them in the Hospital for a time should help them recover completely), but they don’t do much for Plague or Small Pox victims. If someone catches one of those, a certain % are going to die no matter what anyone in Medievalish times could do.

I think this is a bug. In this case I’ll move them out of shelter manually, later they’ll go and seek medicine by themselves.