Fog of War

I’m sure this has been asked a million times, but does anyone know how to remove fog of war? I’ve gone through the game enough times for my OCD need to fill in every gap to have become tedious. Please help, save me from myself.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been using. Doesn’t stop my brain from being obnoxious sadly. I suppose if this is the only way I can deal. Thank you for your response.

You can do it very easy. After you complete one difficulty and start another, go to your save folder and copy paste file map.fow.

After one full map exposure, you can paste it in every character/difficulty and won’t see fog of war again :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried that a moment ago, but instead of opening up the whole map, it reset it to “new character” status. Any idea why that might’ve happened?

Or you can use this as an opportunity to resist your OCD and only go to places you want to visit. From my experience this makes it more rewarding to revisit other spots, when you decide to go there.

If you have OCD and it’s tiring, you need to force yourself not to do all this stuff, not other way around it.

Thanks to all who have replied. This is getting derailed now I’m out. I’ll use the online map tools.