"For fun" characters

I know pretty much everyone wants to build a viable character, but do any of you have any wacky builds where you might die a lot but they’re super fun or funny?

One of mine is 100%-armor-piercing Blademaster (dual-wielding Dermapteran Slicers with the Blades of Nadaan constellation) :rolleyes:

This one is a funny build since you can chain freeze things - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50212

I only had one like this back in TQ. Melee storm/earth guy. Was very squishy, but had a ton of very fun skills.

Tried to re-made him in GD, by making a dualwielding melee Warlock. Turned out that he is also awesomely fun to play, deals more damage than my other builds, and pretty ok on “not dying” side. About ready to finish Elite with him now (BoC, and Port remains, then Log).

Your post reminded me i had made one as well.


I guess it counts as funny considering you’re going melee with a caster class combo.

Yeah, mine is a bit different. He actively uses 9 skills, +Nulification when needed. Main point’s is Sacred Strike on Lmb, and Chaos Strike as and opener/after CoF entrance. I’m not huge expert on number grinding though, so he’s probably less effective.

First he used Chaos->Sacred->Olexra-> hang back cast shit, repeat, but since then got more tanky :slight_smile:

…and there’s only buffs waiting him in too :rolleyes:

For me it’s this build (pet mixed with a poison), i spent many happy hours with this build, but now i can’t call it effective. Just fun.

I’ve been building a somewhat meteor-centric character that uses a pair of Herald of Blazing Ends and the Annihilation relic’s granted skill bound to Meteor Shower. It’s been really fun so far and the kill speed is pretty good, DA not so much and has forced me to respec quite a few times over for more.

It seems stable now and I have no doubts when the next patch rolls around and a bit more DA comes in that it’ll no longer be an issue.