Forced forward by poop

The moment you build a shelter, you are forced forward on an economic path that consumes all your labor.

These first few people can’t figure out how to dig a temporary latrine, or build an outhouse?

Collecting their excrement, in and around their homes, is not just a bit absurd at this point in their development, it’s dumb.

Increases in population densities later in the game justify the need for better infrastructure, after a market is built at 8+ Shelters, but three or four huts, out in the woods?

Maybe let us use that time for topographic efforts before forcing the economic chain to commence.

I don’t build or need a compost yard until I do have those 8 or more houses and a market up. What are you doing that you think you need it earlier? And since the compost yard won’t work without you having an income and that income has to start with having a market there’s no way that 3-4 houses out in the woods are going to have a working compost yard anyway.

Are you not seeing the buildup of waste in your Shelters then?

How can that be?

Does the buildup in Shelters, without triggering the ‘waste’ symbol near the Shelter, have any effect on illness that early in the game? I confess, I haven’t noticed it.

On the other hand, I have noticed in at least two games that after building a Compost Heap in conjunction with the first market (and, parenthetically, long before I need my first Rat Catcher) I have gotten an indicator that a Compost Bin is full and ready to spread on a field long before I have actually cleared any fields!

Oh, and a note: No, the first people do not necessarily know how to build an outhouse or a latrine: proper construction and siting of latrines and waste disposal still have to be taught to military recruits and improper disposal of waste has probably killed more recruits over the centuries than enemy action . . .

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The waste icon will appear.

In addition, if you spend a few summers doing minimal food-sourcing to stick to terraforming with the workers you have, it takes a few years to see, but it will show, as at least 4 units per year collects in, and around, each Shelter.

Eventually filing the yards and becoming huge piles, of shit.

As if the smell alone would not require attention.


There’s the rub.

Once you build a Market then the waste should start accumulating.

Before that, consumption should be considered to be at subsistence level providing minimal, or no waste accumulation.

Yes, you are right.

In order to deal with the compost produced by poop collection forcing you forward, you must now till farm fields.

Which means more Storage and Ratcatchers to guard the food.

Oh, did we mention Guard?

Yeah, ummm…

We’re gonna need you to triple your current population in the blink of an eye to meet the labor demands you now need.


Did someone mention labor?

Oh? Hey! Did you notice you were short on Labor?

If not, let us remind you.


You’re short on labor.

Have space for twenty more peeps?

You get three births a year for four years before the next homeless party of 12 shows up seeking shelter.

Plus, the benefit of several messages in between, letting you know, Oh, hey, you’re short on labor.


Because there is now a whole list of things you’re going to need, to make, to acquire, to sustain supply of…

Because of poop.

Noted: Advancement by Attrition has its benefits.

One doesn’t have to stab anyone else in the back to walk over them, if they fall by the wayside of their own accord.

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Or you could set up the village on top of a high mountain called Minus Tukus or something like that, keep the population under 15 for years and subsist on roots, berries and hunted deer all that time, throw all the waste over the side of steep man-made cliffs, and concentrate on Mountain Sculpting instead of Growth.

Or at least, so I’ve been told . . .

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This one is more like Land’s End, with a bit of a nob.

A slightly raised peninsula, that reaches as far back from the four-way as the width is at the four-way is here.

I’m thinking I can easily get to 150+ population, with manufacturing, all inside a short bit of fence that will cross the gap at the Compost Yard.

One way in.

One way out.

If I can bring some of that terrain’s altitude forward to the gate area, before too many structures ‘shelf it off’ and make that process a pain in the rear, then the endgame time will be much less difficult to manage.

Hence, the desire to terraform early.

Could we have the Seed, please?

Just finished another ‘normal’ lowland lakes game, would like to try mixing in some Terraforming play . . .

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Lowland Lakes, Large
Seed: 89B4B5256C5

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Not enough to notice it before I get a compost yard going. I’m too busy with the essentials of gettting initial 4 houses built, well, firewood splitter, smokehouse, hunter/fisher/forager for food, sawmill, tannery, fletcher building, stockyard, storehouse and market when I have 8 houses. All those things come before I’ll put a compost yard down. All that is done before any icons re waste appear over the houses.

No, you don’t. Not since v0.7.6 came out.

So yes, you will see an icon saying it’s full, but it will still keep collecting whether you have any fields to put it on or not.

Step One: Make players micromanage everything.

Step Two: Ask players to ignore those big (irritant) icons onscreen.

Is this not the textbook definition of ‘mutually exclusive’?

Nope, the icon is to indicate that there is sufficient material to spread on a field, not that it’s “full” (check the actual “stock” level and capacity, which is quite frankly huge). As of 0.8 even that limit is largely ignored since auto-disposal apparently happens, although I’ve never got anywhere near needing it, so I’m taking that bit on trust.




are two mutually exclusive personality traits.

Schizophrenia isn’t something we should aspire to.


in verse


for the benefit of all.


Guess it depends on how much micromanaging you want to do. I’ve never pushed any of my towns close to the 1k population cap so apart from getting things into the trading post ready for sale near the end of the year and yes, putting compost on my fields I don’t really do much of anything else unless I have some buildings to put down for construction. I certainly don’t do what a lot of others seem to in removing workers from their jobs just because they’re idle for part of the year.

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