Forcewave question

Forcewave uses cast speed and not attack speed right ? I was looking for a good 1hand weaponf or it and earthsplitter seemed like a good choice but it adds attack speed so if forcewave used cast speed it seems like a mistake. Are there any good one handed MI weapons choices for forcewave I could farm ? :slight_smile:

Yes, it does use casting speed. The modifier allowing you to spam the skill only works with two handed weapons though, so casting speed isn’t all that useful if used with a one-hander.

It’s kinda obvious, that BiS MI for Forcewave is Obsidian Headsplitter, that drops from Chtonic demons, wielding 2-h axes (and can be sold be vendor in Bastion of Chaos). It has perfect stats for Forcewave - high physical damage, %increase to physical damag, %increase to cast speed and (of course) +3 to Forcewave. Obviosuly, you’ll need suffix that increases cast speed as well.

Accept it isn’t unless you go tremors. Force wave needs to be used with a shield unless you take the tremors transmuter. If you go 1h/shield cast speed will only help speed up the animation but you still have the CD to wait through.

Thank you for the replies :slight_smile:

People use Forcewave without tremors? :eek:

Yes :slight_smile:
I have had a few builds I used it on back in the day. Will probably make a few more once the New Classes are dropped.

Maybe in bleed/trauma build.

Maybe some mutant bludgeon or aetherwarped cleaver with good rolled afix/suffix (like tyrant - of fury) will fit.

This is probably my favorite Shield Forcewave build. It’s the build I farm MI’s with as it has almost no chance of dying and I can pay attention to other things. Now I dont claim it to be the fastest Boss Killer as it takes between .45 seconds and 1:30 to kill most end game boss’s/nemesis but it’s alot safer to farm them with her on Hardcore.
My High Potency/Forcewave build

Id love to see s&b FW work with tremor…

Anyway…so far so good, clvl 55 mid epic and monsters flying all over screen :slight_smile: