Forcewave - Skill limitation for Shield Casters

I made a physical forcewave commando and its pretty strong. My original intention was to make a shield caster battlemage (which i made with CT). But i couldn’t since Tremor, the transumter works only with 2h weapons.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. Cooldown Forcewave itself can work fine with Shield but no-cooldown Forceave is restricted to two handed weapons. This needs to be fixed and can add to build variety.

The other related poll is:-

Guess you haven’t used it recently? The pathing for the skill was improved a lot in It’s difficult for me to even find areas where it doesn’t work properly that wouldn’t also fail with a normal projectile attack.

Umm, this build was finished recently.

I couldn’t tell if it was the pathing or the fact that i was using Physical damage type that killed stuff so quickly. Thanks for the info, i’ll update the main thread

Hmm. A tie. Someone voted no. :rolleyes:

I wonder who it is :rolleyes:

making the transmuter work with shields would give reason for casters to use of a shield over a focus item. especially since there are no caster sets that use a shiled… But this could get rectified in the expansion if they choose to make tremor work with shields!

I just think Shield Casters would be a nice addition to build diversity

Exactly that! :smiley:

To the people who voted no. Is there any particular reason you don’t like this idea?
I’m just curious

And using shield damage instead of main hand weapon damage. That would be so cool to the point that I feel like leveling this character right now so it can be ready when tremor gets patched

Oh no!

I’ve seen skills using shield. That’s a major turn-off trust me.

The reasons are:-

  1. Damage O/P is fairly low

  2. If you’re using a well rolled weapon like Plaguebearer or Tyrant then the effect of that weapon won’t be applied since the skill is doing off-hand damage.

Yeah, I know, but I just love to imagine how that would change the game and introduce shields more like a weapon, in which you would farm to get some well roled shields with high damage and nice stats. Damn, just talking about it makes me so damn hyped. :frowning: