Forgotten Gods Components + minor ideas.

Any chance for new components to show up? Surprised that there are no new components for this expansion.

A retaliation “Seal of Thorns” would be pretty nice for weapon, shield, and offhand. Perhaps others might have suggestions on what else would be nice.
I really like the changes to the “Stoneguard” set to include Oathkeeper boosting skills. Since it’s completely for a retaliation build the boosts to physical damage aren’t too useful. The set could really use some offensive ability. While each piece individually is strong, the overall set bonus is lacking, especially if it’s compared to the “Sentinel of the Three”.

This one is really minor, but friendly boosting aura skills have terrible range. Active on use effects/buffs, “Blood of Dreeg” “Word of Renewal” etc, range is fine because it’s more strategic. Aura range really needs to be more than just one screen away, especially since kiting is important.

Overall loving the expansion though!

Devs have no intention of adding new components. Retaliation already has Mark of Myrmidon.

Well that is unfortunate for 2h retaliation builds.