Forgotten gods

Just started playing this game and it’s incredible , except for the loot in the expansion forgotten gods, which is abysmal ! )D

What makes it abysmal? Are u by chance playing on normal mode? Forgotten Gods has got the best faction items and loot in the game provided you maxed out faction reputation and play in higher difficulties… Available Monster infrequents are of course subject of preference. But everything else is quite good. The monsters could use variety but Forgotten Gods as a whole is one of the best arpg dlcs made in the past decade. And even it feels a sin to call it a dlc when its actually not. Its a full blown, fully fledged Expansion Pack… and a massive one at that! And we havent discussed yet Shattered Realms which is another layer of loot source. The team made a home run in perfecting Grim Dawn thanks to this gargantuan expansion pack.