Forthcoming Forgotten Gods expac - what we know so far Part I

Careful what you wish for…

Considering Zantai’s aversion to them I certainly hope not. I think the team are going to make it as interesting as they can - as per usual. :slight_smile:

This talk about deserts is reminding me of FF12.

Means jack shit. But we will see.
Are they using the same old, incredibly lame excuse with muh camera again? They propably are.
So it’s either devotions or item skills then? Both would be disappointing, so here’s hoping it’s actually something meaningful.
Predictable, current weapon types are sufficient, anyway.
Predictable as well.
Considering it has already being developed + the release date, it’s understandable.
I really don’t know why people are so hyped about meeting her in-game.
This is a good thing, adding more tiers would turn GD into a clusterfuck at this point.

Uhm the thread is about what we know, not about one’s personal opinion about what we know. :slight_smile:

One wonders why you even play the game, much less visiting the forums. :undecided:

The heck do you think is down there that you are so desperate to see?

If I roll my eyes any harder, they might pop out.

The new game mode is an enigma

It’s not a lame excuse, I have played map mods and screwed around in editor a little. That camera angle is definitely hard to work with. And you really can’t simply tell people “Look we know the first 6 acts you played with the default angle but for this act just rotate it a little”
The best they can do for old grove is to add a massive dungeon. This way the camera angle won’t be an issue. It’s just a small patch of area you explore uninterrupted by anything and then you get to a door that leads to a massive labyrinth
The thing that pisses me off about that area is we have a broken bridge and a sign board leading towards that area. I hope they consider removing those

As for the girl, I am not interested in meeting her because she’s on the loading screen but rather because she is an aetherial. If we get dialogues with her it’s more insight into the aetherials among other things. The Circle of Five interests me

The rest of your reply is a little hard to figure out. I do disagree about weapons, while we have support for most build types. We still could use support for Pierce and Pierce/Bleed hybrids.
We also could use additional Vitality Decay and Bleed Caster support.

Nothing wrong with expressing personal opinions imo

Consider removing that sign board. It puts an end to speculations

Not sure where you got that this character’s an Aetherial.

The only people speculating are those that were around during the beta and/or heard snippets about that area. Seems silly to purge evidence of a larger world because some people can’t help but wonder when they’ll go there.

Oh really? Did my personal opinion offend you? I find it absolutely hilarious.
My reasons aren’t your concern.

At this point nothing surprises me :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope she’s a witch

Pretty sure anyone who played the game and saw the sign has speculated about the “when”

I wasn’t around from the beta days but Old Grove was my first guess for an expansion when I had finished the game. Of course my prediction changed once I joined the forums

The glowing green eyes make it suspicious.

Personally, too much teasing. That bridge is like an eyesore that begs to be plucked out. My autistic completionist nature speaks about it all the time, but that’s just me. And frankly, I don’t like this excuse too… for many reasons.
Calm down, Big Z, I simply expressed myself poorly, as this was an attempt to employ a friendly sarcasm, but since I don’t use emoticons, it turned out like this. Keep yer work, man.

Btw are we getting any UI changes? Specifically related to the blacksmith?

One act makes me worried. AoM was perfect in size for an expansion. Not to big, not too short. Something half the size of AoM would definitively feel short to me after 0.5 year of waiting for it :o

I am also interested in knowing if an Eldritch Themed Rogue-like is on the cards. I’d very much like one, even if it’s not part of the expac I’d like one released a few months after it

Even better:

A clickable bridge repair

Player spends their iron/scrap

Bridge is repaired

Player crosses bridge excited to head to Old Grove
(as someone playing since Beta, I confess to being one of the curious)

And then…

Progress blocked by the burning wagon.

Nothing else.

LOL! The wagon could have a sign “Zantai’s Mystical Readings”, “Zantai’s Moving”, “Zantai’s Punk’d U”…more…?

What’s on button seven?

Invocation to Chaos from the item Will of Bysmiel (it summons Voidfiends)


On a side note I’d pay to have Ulzuin’s Wrath animation used on an actually useful skill

That animation is so good and while the skill is just pure horse shit