Forum access restrictions result in silly posts

I can’t really understand why there’s a restriction that you need to have 3 posts before you can post links to GrimCalc. Is this an anti-spam measure as is the case on Because otherwise we just end up with useless threads cluttering up the forum like this one.

If we must have the restriction then make it like it is in where it has to be done in existing threads and not by starting new ones.

Can anyone explain the logic behind the restriction? :confused:

Pretty sure it’s just to keep down the spam.

Also Tools>Calc now.

If you mean Grimtools, when I look at other people’s links all I see is a screenshot of their toon and nothing else. Maybe it’s because I use IE10 as my default browser, but I can’t see anything like the skill trees in GrimCalc. :confused: So useless for actually knowing what the build is.

to reduce the spammed links from spambots… which makes it easier for moderators to see which forums users are actually bots

Do you OPEN the skills? It’s an in browser application, gotta click on the icon or hit S.

Well, I don’t see any icon for the skills, though there is something to give you the build return link to then put into GrimCalc I think. But hitting “S” works so thanks for that. I had no idea that was possible. :slight_smile:

It works just like it does in-game. You click on the icon and it opens the skill window.

Never use the icons in-game either. :smiley: I always use S, C, F, M, etc.

The forum thread has keyboard shortcut info on using the tool.

You’ll find that it’s far away from useless and there is good reason it is replacing GrimCalc in build guides.

Must admit I’ve only seen it in a few of the build posts so haven’t looked at the thread about it yet. My bad.

Try to search : keywords
on google, you found the result

Nice tip.

btw - your signature has been removed, I checked the link and there was nothing Grim Dawn related whatsoever on your signature link.