Foul Eruption - does it work?

Subj. And if it does, what the mechanic? Do it need corpses? Or it explode enemys affected by RE? Or killed by RE? I dont see any impact from this skill on main campain.

If I understand it correctly then if you have FE then sometimes the enemy killed by the green projectiles may explode (based on the chance on the skill tooltip). The explosion then applies a debuff to nearby enemy and deals some damage.

But that make it almost worthless, considering that 1)RE must kill the creep.2) it can fail 3)the range is low. 4) Usualy by the time RE kill someone you dont need the debuff.

Well I mean look at Drain Essence, now that’s true worthless for you :eek:
I think it should kinda work in a chaotic environment like Crucible, main game I’m not sure.

I think it was intended for when RE was your main offensive skill, like for a Deathguard Reaper with vitality to Acid conversion. If you’re just going to use it as a support skill then it won’t work really well I guess.

Ive tried it on crusible and it didnt seem so work either. At least i didnt increased my clear time.

That’s weird I expected this to be suited for crucible purposes.

In the main game theoretically almost all bosses have summons so this could work. But I didn’t like the way it works so prefer some other form of RR

Ive done some tests on dummies and vanila and it work only if RE kill something. The effect look like green ring and radius at 17/22 is ridiculusly small. Even if you manage to kill some creeps with RE and this stuff manage to proc it is extremly unlikely to affect someone cause:
1)Everybody is alredy dead.
2)If somebody is not dead, he is left behind or alredy charged ahead.
3)Even if, by some strange coinsidence, somebody is affected by green ring stuff its hard to notice the effect, cause he is either a boss and the effect wont last long or a creep and he would die too fast to see the difference.
This skill need some love :frog: Probably should drop the chanse on kill to chanse on extra projectile?

I believe that changes activation conditions from enemy death to chance on crit give foul eruption some love, and players will take ravenous earth not only for nice reduced target’s damage but also as rr

Foul Eruption feels like just a few hoops too many to get a result. Maybe change it to a chance on hit for a target based explosion?

There is one thing great with RE. It crits a lot. I have Blizzard attached to it and it clears groups.

Whait. blizzard? With RE? Some sneacky vit to cold conversion ? =)

It works decently

Ulzaad’s Channeler + Speaker of the Dread

I didn’t bother posting the build since it’s basically similar to Fire based RE (use conversion on RE and use an addition Nuker for single target). The problem with Cold RE is that you loose Bonespike’s Duration mod going this way. To compensate you need CDR from Arcanist but loose out on RR picking Arcanist. You also need TD in the setup to compensate for lack of Bonespike
In all honesty with only 85% conversion it’s not really worth the effort :stuck_out_tongue: (Not to imply it won’t work)

I’m leveling Ritualist right now and this skill suck. With recent RE nerf Crete could give some love to Foul Eruption, cause right now is utter useless in almost every imaginable scenario :frog: Radius should be increased to 9 metre at least .