Found out Barnabas is one of my buddies!

Hail Solael, Forum users!

Today I was casually sprinting through grim dawn, doing quests here and there, and I noticed that barnabas gave me a Symbol of Solael after he recieved the food shipment from homestead. The description of that component says “A secret symbol used by followers of Solael to identify themselves to one another.”.

Kinda cool to see something like this, especially because you never look at the quest rewards when you get them, especially components.

Also, first time I sided with kymon in the main story and found out that the second dlc probably was planned since quite some time. Was like a treat for me after playing the second dlc, and just gave me another reason to punch the messenger :slight_smile:

Solael doesn’t need your help.
But apparently needs Barnabas to spread his messages:p

Barnabas is probably 10x stronger than Ulgrim. I bet he is a proper warlock, you’ll see heretic, you’ll see.