Found these...can anything useful be built off them?

I found two Scourge Slicers and a Pusquill’s Tail early in my adventure. Are there any viable build that I could incorporate any of these in? They seem cool.

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scourge slicers are good for acid NB specially doing Acid/poison Shadow Strike
pusquill i haven’t used myself yet because it focuses on a single WPS, but i’d imagine it be pretty neat to have 1 for a Acid/Poison Dervish/Witch Hunter using wps

So, maybe a build like the following:
Poison-Acid Dervish

yea, no, just don’t do requnix guides, save yourself the trouble
if you want a guide try use something from the forum, at least it’s likely it will be updated or accurate :no_mouth:
can’t imagine you cant find an acid dervish here on the forum

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They are very decent for leveling an acid Nightblade.
That being said, they’re easy to find and also easy to replace with something better when you’re slightly higher level, so I wouldn’t worry about them.

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