Fps issues, impossible to play

Since i change my videocard(hd 5770 to gtx 960), im having some issues with this game. it doesnt matter if i play in low or high, i cant play fluid. last time i fixed restaring settings but… i cant fix it anymore… i dont know what to do.(sorry for my bad english)

Act: I figured out that if i dont move the cursor, it works well… but if i move it… 120fps to 1 fps…

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same thing happen to me, R9 380x 16 GB RAM, i5 2500 in single player crucible with tons of monster still lag with full high graphic settings, why is this happening?

The game has very bad optimization, not much you can do about it. GTX 1070 and i5 6600K overclocked to 4.5 GHz and I still drop from the usual 140 to 50 fps when a lot is going on.

It happens to me even in the city

You could try a driver-cleaner to remove old video driver files.
There are some topics in this forum about lag/stuttering in windows 10, that might help (see the reply’s from Powbam).

I highly doubt re-installing drivers will do much. Drivers can’t fix the game engine (not hating on the game, I fucking love it got almost 700 hours played and still going strong. Props to Crate for doing such a good job with so few guys).

I have a brand new PC (built last week) with a GTX 1070 and i7 6700k with 16GB DDR4 RAM and I get 140-250 fps (lower fps is outside in daytime, higher fps is interior or night time) in fights with up to 10-15 mobs. More than that, or adding in a lot of auras (mine and enemy auras), it drops to 40-50 fps.

In comparison, I run DOOM, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 on Ultra and I rarely drop below 100-110 fps with stuff going on. In really intensive fights I get 80…

I built my rig for D3 when it came out back in '12, but I did get a GeForce 970 last year, so it’s not a complete dinosaur. I never had any issues playing D3, but I use Vsync because my monitor is 60 Hz and I would get screen tears otherwise. I think having an SSD helps on all fronts.

What happens to me in Grim Dawn is strange though. With D3 I think it was sometimes server, latency, ISP related if there were any issues at all. Since GD doesn’t have any server related issues all that can be ruled out. I can be in an area with a ton of monsters, skills, and ground effects and have zero issues. Then, I can be in an area with nothing going on and get rubber banding or just simply lag or stutter a little bit.

I love the game, and a few hiccups are easy for me to look past because of that. I need to start squirreling away some money for a new mobo, CPU, RAM, and SSD, but the ol’ i5 2500K is still cruising along just fine.

No need to get a new cpu imo, a 2500K just needs a light overclock to perform better than a Skylake 6600K. It won’t bottleneck your 970 at all.
SSD would definitely be worth getting though.

I have an SSD currently, but back when I built my rig a 128 GB SSD was as much as a 512 GB is now. 128 has been enough since I only use the computer for games. The only games I have on it now are GD and D3, and D3 is about to go because Blizzard has fucked it up so bad now I may not ever play it again. For the life of me I can’t get D2 to run right or it would be on there.

I also get FPS issues in high density mob areas… unfortunately it seems to be mainly cpu related, it doesn’t seem to use well all cores, it mostly uses a single one, which means that quad/octa cores won’t be used as much as they could.

I wish some more optimization could be done by the devs…

6600k is considerably better than a 2500k clock for clock. There’s no point in buying a k piece if you aren’t overclocking, comparing the two oc vs stock is … :rolleyes:

There’s plenty of reasons to upgrade to a newer platform as well; DDR4, more PCI-E, Sata Express, USB 3.1 and Type C, etc.

I was saying this before, game has issues with optimalization. I have fairly powerfull PC.

Geforce GTX 1080
Intel I7 4790k (4,8ghz)
16gb 2400hz ram
Intel 850pro SSD

And where there is more monsters on the screen, game still drops down to 40fps.

Game is very good but optimalization is not, and it is even worse in MP, if I host a game, and someone join, I get instantly 15 less fps, not sure why.

Good spot to see FPS is going to Fort Iron. Move to the top Right, just next to the edge, stand on the bed between two soldiers, and zoom all the way out. My FPS on that spot, with all settings on max except Anti Alliasing (off). Gives me 77FPS.

Turning Off Shadows, and Lighting Quality to low gives biggest boost. But Affects visuals too much for me to sacrifice it.

Other settings do not do much for me.

I think what the orginal guy making this topic is saying. is not that he is lagging and have low fps when he is in a fight with a lot of monsters.
But that hes fps is low in fps everywhere, also standing still in the town just loged in.

I got the same problem. i got a i7 4,0ghz 1070 gtx 16bg kingston hyperx 2400hz ram. SSD 256gb
And when i play i got a FPS that is lower then 30 fps when in town standing still. and when playing i jumps to 1 fps a lot of the time.
This has nothing to do with my gear, or other peoples gear. it is the game that is bad costomized. and they should try and fix this.

The game is great was it not for the problems with low FPS with a high end computer.

Oh, another one of these thread. Sadly Crate isn’t taking any time at all to maybe give us an answer from their perspective. as others have said, GD is an amazing game, but these CONSTANT performance issues killed the joy from me. Sadly, no communication considering this issue is coming from crate, and i find it dissapointing that their focusing on new content instead of getting the performace figured out. =/ (nothing to add, besides what has been said to try and up the FPS for OP - seems that waiting for Crate to fix their engine is the only solution which is rather sad. )

There’s nothing for them to say that isn’t already widely known so I don’t really know what you’d expect them to say that would change that beyond them saying if they intend to commit to rebuilding the entire engine. Likely an expensive and time-consuming proposition overall.

GD uses an older engine that came into being during the dawn of dual and eventually multi core processing. It isn’t optimized to make use of them nearly as well as games utilizing more modern engines do. While it does make use of more than one core it doesn’t seem to be able to do this in an even fashion (across all cores) that you would see from newer games, which is why it tends to rely more heavily upon a single core and then bump its head against the ceiling and cause the fps dips.

This is all there is to it.

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Ya i kind see your point. The game is a great game even when only 10 people made it. It’s big and alot to do. and not that bad looking. when considering the engine in use.
And if they fixed the FPS so people could run it smothly wich should be posible for even low end computers. then this game would be on pare with TQ and all the other RPG’s
But as long as these issues are here it kinda ruin the game abit. sadly.

Try reducing the lighting to low, if you haven’t. If that doesn’t work run the game from a ram disk.

game run fine even on old videcard(1gbGDDR5)turn of shadows,or try reinstalling drivers,cleaning registry with ccleaner or selecting “clean installion”