FPS Issues


              So, none of the 'fixes' that I've seen on google seem to work. I have a constant stuttering and frame rate drop, no matter the settings. I can have everything maxed or turned off, I still get roughly 20-30 FPS. Can anyone help ? :cry::cry:

Intel Core i5 8300h

GeForce GTX 1050 ti

8GB Ram


make sure you are using your GPU card under Nvdia Control Panel. Also check that you are not using Nvdia’s latest driver 417.22 as it is known to have fps issues. Kindly revert to an older driver. :cool:

Thank you! I’ll try this

So an update.

After some digging, I found out that the setting that allowed me to select the video card I was using, wasn’t working because it wasn’t enabled in one of the options, and I’ve been running games on the onboard. Long story short, I loaded an old driver, got the right GPU to run and it now runs at max settings on everything at a nice 60fps

You sir, deserve a cookie. Thank you very much :D:D:D

Dont mention it but I am glad to be of assistance.

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