Free recording software?

Hi guys

Sorry if this is off-topic here but i have no idea where to post this. So my question is; what Software do you use to record you gameplay? I want to post a build and to make it decent i want to record some gameplay and no idea what software to use to capture it?

Ty in advance

XSplit. A free version doesn’t allow recording in 1080p, only 720p, but it’s fine for me. I’ve also used fraps, but it isn’t feasible for recording long gameplays, and it’s not free.

XSplit or OBS.

Admittedly it’s been quite awhile since I touched xsplit, but in the past OBS performed WAY better than xsplit and xsplit’s free version was somewhat limited. Virtually every big timer I watch uses OBS I’d say that’s worth something :stuck_out_tongue:

xsplit is definitely a bit more noob friendly, but if you are not a total noob setting up OBS will take no more than a few seconds

If you’ve got a nvidia card, you could use shadow play, which is quite easy to use. Not too much options like OBS, no watermark like bandicam etc.
It directly records at your gpu which is good, cause it doesn’t affect the ingame performance that much.

To find it open GeForce Experience -> Settings -> Shadow Play

Win10 also got some included record program, no?

ty all for the fast reply’s :slight_smile:

per Software:

  • Windows10 included program from xbox live, even if its pc
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • XSplit

per Hardware:

  • NVidia Shadowplay (integrated with GPU drivers)
  • AMD GVR (integrated with GPU drivers) with MSI Afterburner