Frequent CTD after installing v0.8.1a

Over the last few days I’ve been experiencing frequent crashes to desktop with no discernable cause. The last crash was 2 days ago and I hadn’t played the game again until today. Initially when I experienced these crashes after updating to v0.8.1a, updating my graphics card driver seemed to solve the issue, but about a day later the crashes started up again. There is no newer driver for my graphics card yet.

Though my game has not yet crashed today, I did check Task Manager while it was running and it’s using over 3gb of RAM, not sure if that is normal/expected. I have attached my dxdiag and crash log files. (32.1 KB)
DxDiag.txt (93.9 KB)


just 3? wow Mine uses 10 gig right from the start then grows over time
because there are memory leaks. I need to restart the game every few

As for crashing yeah graphic drivers main reason for me. I went back to dec 2022
gforce driver and all crashing stopped. All drivers since then cause me to crash.

Hi deadlystingnyc,

Looking at your crash dump, it is crashing when raycasting at your mouse position to see what game objects are under your mouse.

This is something that happens constantly in the game so it is peculiar that you are crashing in that code. Furthermore, this particular crash is in Unity (our game engine) code. I ran a test to spam the inputs to that code to see if I could somehow aggravate the situation and reproduce the crash that you are seeing, but I could not.

Do you have any recollection if you are doing something in particular when these crashes occur? Like hovering over an enemy unit or something? It might be interesting to see some of your other crash dumps to see if they are all crashing in the same way or not.

I also would be interested to know if you are running any 3rd-party mods or cheats as those have caused crashes in the past particularly after updating Unity - which we did in 0.8.1.

Attaching a zip of my latest set of crash dumps since the one I posted originally. I haven’t noticed a pattern as to what I was doing in-game when the crashes occurred. I’m playing on pacifist so no enemy units to hover over. I don’t even recall hovering over anything specific, sometimes the game will freeze then CTD when I am moving around the map with the keyboard. I am not playing with any mods or cheats. (94.4 KB)

One of those crashes is a similar ray-casting crash dealing with wagon physics, but the other two are random crashes in Unity code. Going through your DxDiag.txt again, I can’t see anything fishy there either. You seem to be running the latest version of everything and your machine seems totally capable.

Are these crashes all happening while playing the same saved game, or are crashes happening on other saved games as well (other towns that is)?

I see the FF crashes in your DxDiag.txt and I also see several Windows setup errors:

I really don’t even know what that’s caused by, but Google tells me that’s related to the Windows update service. Maybe try checking/running/installing any new Windows updates might mitigate that. Seems like a wicked long shot though.

I wish I had more for you on this.

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Crashes are occurring on different saves/towns. I recently upgraded my OS to Windows 11 and check Windows Update daily, but it tells me I’m up to date on everything. Will check again next time I’m on my PC.

try installing a generic mouse with no driver (will use MS built in) and see what happens.
If all is fine then it is your non generic mouse driver returning faulty data.
So install a better driver version. Newer does not equal better. Find the best version
it may be years old.

Unfortunately I only have a wireless keyboard & mouse that connects to the PC with a USB-based receiver. I don’t think these devices will work without the Logitech software/drivers. Not really interested in buying wired peripherals just for testing purposes at the moment.

Both my mouse and keyboard are wireless logitech also. They will work but with limited
functionality. This is just a test to see if the driver is the issue. You do not have and old
mouse and keyboard laying around? When I went wireless I kept the old ones just in
case. lol

Anyway you are the only person I have seen with that issue so my guess is it is on
your side and the crash log seems to point to an input driver. My guess is the logitech
driver(s). It could be the USB uni driver or the actual keyboard/mouse driver.

The current logitech drivers are TRASH! The old drivers were so much better
and why I still use them.

Good luck I hope you figure it out!

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I am curious…do u have to run steam when u play farthest frontier? I have the same issue with company of hero’s 3 from time to time. my windows 11 updates…steam takes a few days to update and my crashes appear to happen in the time period between the two updates.

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