From Noob to Beating Crucible Gladiator 170 - Chaos Witch Hunter Rah'Zin

Video showing off the character going from level 1 to Beating Crucible 170 Gladiator

Well, this took me two years to achieve, but I did it. The hardest content Grim Dawn has to offer has been conquered. I am very happy to share what it took to get there. I died a lot ( 300 times in fact). The entire project took 4 days, 9 hours to complete in playtime. I did this over 6 months of playing.

Let me know whatcha think!

0:00 Introduction to Project
0:29 Leveling to 100
0:47 Collecting Rah’Zins Set and Mythical Relic
2:00 Character Build Overview
12:14 Last Minute Preparations for Crucible
12:47 Crucible 170 Climb
31:24 Last Thoughts on the whole character and experience

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