Frost Giant Studios’ debut mixes Starcraft with Diablo

Looks nice.

Trailer doesn’t really say much. Apart from register for the beta next year. I would have preferred to have seen some gameplay footage.

Until then, I will keep an eye on it.

Just saw f2p on the Steam page. That’s shame. I’ll be looking forward for Crate’s RTS then.

There is going to be a campaign, Not sure if you have to pay for that mind? but the idea that this is more focused on being an esport doesn’t bold well for me.

This could be a flop, have too see how it goes.

Nothing on the gameplay, also the cinematic just looks generic.

Founded by ex-Blizzard devs, the new studio’s first foray is a real-time strategy game that focuses on fun and ’90s vibes.

“How do you do fellow 90s kids”

Some (pre-alpha) gameplay footage.