Frostburn build with inquisitor?

I have a burn purifier using BWC and RoK that I really enjoying playing. Very tanky with inquisitor seal and deals out good dot damage.

I’ve used BWC on so many builds I’m looking for something similarish but with a different dot type. I was thinking about using RoH, but can’t decide what to pair it with.

Arcanist with TSS, or nightblade seem like the best choices? Just looking around it seems like most builds similar to this focus on direct damage over dots, is it just simply not as strong to use frostburn and not worth messing with?

Originally I wanted to try it with a shield, but then the runebinder set seems like it could be cool too.

I have a duel wield cold trickster and infiltrator and I tend to like the play style of the trickster more so I could change that infiltrator to a caster type, but I don’t mind rolling something new either.

What are y’all’s thoughts on frostburn I guess is the meat of the question.

Really good nowadays thanks to the buff on Beacon of the Winter’s Veil and the existence of items like Mageslayer amulet.

I did look at your build before I posted my original post, I guess I’m looking more for something that’s going to tank up on the seal and freeze/frostburn everything around while trying to hold my ground. Obviously I’d be moving some, but more seal to seal than any sort of kiting.

I’ve got duel wield cold melee which I’d sort of prefer if I’m going to be running around anyway, or I’ve got my BWC/devestation/outcast secret sorc if I want to kite and burn.

I might just mess around in grimtools for a bit and see what I can come up with. There are a few items (like those Weyu mentioned) and sets I’ve never incorporated before into a build that could be fun to mess around with.

Ryzel did something similar pre-expansion with Blademaster here.

You should be fine going Tactician for Chillsurge/Artifact Handling instead of Nightfall and Aura of Censure instead of Night’s Chill and capitalizing on Soldier’s defense and Shield buffs.

You should be tankier than mine or Chthon’s setups but your Frostburn ticks will be lower due to lacking a major Frostburn source (Nightfall/Ice Wyrm’s Breath) and less RR (Night’s Chill).

And FOI cold. But that will be updated in 0.6

What was the Highest tick on that one to your knowledge?

From FoI line + hand of ultos/blizzard I get 210K in campaign. It’s not astronomical but since it’s like a single spell FoI does very well

The best part is that it does it quick since it’s a single source, with crap loads of %crit and % duration. You instantly bring your max potential without needing to stack all sorts of stuff.

This is without nightfall or haggarad at all

That’s actually good, I personally consider 200k ticks to be pretty good especially if they’re easy to achieve on exotic concepts.

It’s kinda weird you don’t crash in a challenge dungeon but crash halfway into Edge of Reality. :eek:

Your PC needs an exorcist mate

Cause there are too many portals and new resources to be loaded.

If it makes more sense then i’ll tell you that gargabol final stage floor texture is sometimes dark. It probably loads like crap cause unlike BoC it loades the nearby world as well, ugdenbog etc

Messing around in grim tools a bunch today when I had some spare time I might try something along these lines and see how it goes.

OA is a little lower than I’d like, but it does have very reliable 166 cold RR. Throw in eternal haunt proc -10, -15 from SS set proc, and -10 from relic proc, and you are up to 201 RR. Health is a little low, but good DA and lots of absorb. Don’t know if it’ll be any good, but I’m going to play around with it when I get the time.

I originally wanted to try some sort of S&B ABB with RoH, but skill points were a problem, and ABB was a problem itself too just to being a bit to weak I think even maxed out. Trying to get the WoR tree, Seal, veil/night’s chill, PB tree, plus RoH just doesn’t leave much room for anything else. I looked at a bunch of gear choices, between SS set, runebinder set, maybe using a second piece of mageslayer. Also looked at some ranged weapons 1h and 2h, but this is what I ended up settling on for now. There was good gear support for ABB, but it just wouldn’t get as high as I hoped and still have room to do anything else decent.

Edit - I also want to try mythical crescent moon, I think beacon will be better, but I’m not positive.

PS - I’m not trying to clear 170 with this or anything, just 150.

-I’d swap out Chilling Grips for Iceskorn Talons for the flat Frostburn/% Duration.

-Since Zantai has yet to bestow a Cold shield on us. I’d probably go with a green instead. Warden’s Fortress has some Physical/Aether resistance and % Health as a base so could be nice.

-I’m hesitant on not going for Nightfall really. After Frozen Core/Chillsurge, it’s probably the next strongest source of Frostburn in masteries (without considering conversion).

-If you don’t want to go for it, I would at least try and get a skill/ability or something with high % weapon damage as it multiplies your weapon’s Frostburn so can be a decent applier. Chthon’s Infiltrator uses 18/16 Shadow Strike whereas my gunner/caster uses Oleron’s Might.

Thanks for the advice.

I did go back and forth on the gloves, I’ll try out the iceskorn.

Yea, I just went with that shield because there was nothing better and for the +2 to censure and the proc.

I did try to work in nightfall, but it’s basically impossible skill point wise while still keeping seal.

Yea I was looking for other sources which is why I was trying to get ABB maxed out, but it wasn’t worth it and almost impossible skill point wise. Maybe I’d have enough defense with seal to switch to a 2h and forgo the shield, not sure.