Just checking to see if anyone else is giving Frostpunk…

…a swing?

Somehow it reminds me of this war of mine

I checked out the similar games recommendations and found some more interesting games

They Are Billions looks interesting… I have Banished but haven’t played it much yet.

Frostpunk’s biggest appeal for me was the setting/art and so far I’m digging that aspect. The only thing I’m curious about is that I don’t think it has “high” replayability. Apparently they will be doing more campaign scenarios and I seen a comment that claimed they were considering an endless type scenario so I guess we’ll see what the future holds.

Same developer apparently.

This game is awesome. Price of 11Bit studio on Warsaw Stock Market gets crazy

Frostpunk it is a big success. And awesome climatic game.

I definitely love Frostpunk as well.

Really?? Is it worth getting?

I neither heard a good or bad opinion about that game, tbh. I kinda like the idea of it, but idk if I’d play it.

If you love strategies, why not?
After Civ 5, Endless Space 1 + 2, Stellaris and C&C 3 (just to name a few I played), Frostpunk brings something really new to the table.

Im glad to have been recommended this game. This is the most atmospheric, most fun simulation city town builder ever. The latest dlc is even MOAR fun and original… I wish Crate can make a much better sim game.

Is there VR version of these games?