Frosty the Blade Spirit Reaper

So here is a build I’ve been trying out, and it’s been fun, but I’m looking for some input/ advice. You probably guessed by the title that it’s a cold damage Reaper centered around Blade Spirit.

It’s basically a caster Reaper. Lots of AoE, lots of life gain, and one single target “boss killer”. I’ve been destroying campaign with it and loving it.

I didn’t see anyone else doing a build like this, so I figured I would share. Not sure how bad it would be in SR as I haven’t taken it there, nor taken him up against any nemesis.

Currently considering moving most or all of the points from Ill Omen to Siphon Souls, but I like having multiple layers of stacking damage, so I don’t want to get rid of it completely.

Skill points are a mess, also why not use the transmuter on Drain Essense if you are going for cold damage :stuck_out_tongue:

Rhowans crown is better than manticore here, since you get same rr proc but for less nodes, and you get some +%damage too

Items I have not touched, but I did notice that you do not have components etc in all slots and that you armor and armor absorb is crap. Also your OA and DA is a joke as well as resistances.

Here is skills and devotions changed

I have no idea what the transmuter is. I just got FG. As for components, I might not have updated the grim tools with what I was using in game.

Why not upload your real char then? :stuck_out_tongue:

The DE transmuter has been there since Necromancer was introduced in AoM

Btw I think there are similar builds posted in the compendium

I don’t have the faction or Blueprints for some of the enchants yet. As for the transmuter… not gonna lie, I totally missed that one.

I didn’t see any builds that focused on Blade Spirit. However, I like switching to crown, as you suggested, but I don’t see better options for gearing to cover off the OA/DA shortcomings.

Actually, when I saw your concept (with items), I noticed 3 things at the start:

  • there are a number of conversions, aether->cold has~ 75%, some pierce->cold 50%?, some vit->cold, and some fire->cold. This made me curious to if you might target Bat, Aetherfire(drain essence), and blizzard. And of course, Rumor.

  • Your OA and DA are too low, but grabbing Watcher devotion could help and a few other OA devs like 4 points into Dead god could assist (because you will probably end up blue-heavy with enough red anyways). And while you are deep in blue/red, also grab the entire revenant for RR. Some points in Cunning combined with %cunning skill from Nightblade can get OA up there.

  • I think you could get up around 3k OA and 2.7-ish DA (with all the -OA to monster buffs = ~3k).

So pretty much all the same gear/concept could work except you will probably need different pants and a different Relic (Serenity?). Edit: and some changes to components and augments.

any is better than nothing.

Mark of illusion in rings can give some DA

Regarding gear, I am a big sucker for green items that I craft.
But gloves, what about Mythical Riftwarped Grasp?

Hmm belt, MI green that gives vitality to cold conversion (Gargoyle waistguard) this will make Drain hit harder

Devotions, I would grab Ultos instead of leviathan for it has nice nodes with OA
Also solemn watcher as hamsterman above said.

Something like this as a “sketch”:

Resistances you can fix with augments (i removed all augments in armor and weapon/off-hand), depending on what kind of roll you get on the belt, it is kinda PITA to farm for since the monsters that drops it only has two spawn places in the campaign.

You also have some armor issues, its low and you have 70% absorption (i fixed absorb)

^yes that is a decent recommendation and that belt is nice.

I was thinking: bat instead of tsunami, but my set-up has less physical resist…which might hurt. so ymmv.

Plus I was thinking if you are going big on player-scaled pets, you might as well add a bunch of skeletons from revenant.

So you’ve got a few good ideas from Malaw to play around with.
(also with ring of steel applying >100%wpn damage, imho viper is enough for that RR type).

That is a good idea hamster, and this is the second time in my life I see someone using Harvestman :slight_smile:

bat might be overkill for healing, considering that Blade Spirit’s has adtch (as well as Drain Ess)

What about “my” devotion-tree but with Lotus instead of Ultos proc and Hawk?
energy regen and some phys res.

It was actually more about the immortal player scaling pets. originally I was using Blood Knights (for the extra pet) with pierce damage, but I replaced that set with the amulet for the same effect. (+1 summon limit)