Frustrated at Level 75

Hi all,
I am a far cry from an experienced player of, well, any game. But, I like Grim Dawn a lot and am a level 75. Go me.

I am currently playing a Summoner pet build and have tried to maximize the pet’s strengths and not my player’s. I’m beginning to suffer for this.

I have finished the game only on Normal mode. I went right to Elite from there, and am up to the Loghorrean, but can’t kill major bosses at this point. I’ve failed to succeed with Rashalga (secret area in Hidden Path), the Witch Gods (end of Hidden Path), or anything beyond Ft. Ikon. On Normal, I beat all of those pretty easily. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong, or how to correct this.

Can you please point me in the right direction? I am frustrated and stymied…I can’t really go back to Normal (nothing decent drops) but can’t go forward in Elite. arghh!

I’d say post a link of your build so far using GrimCalc, but you don’t have enough posts yet to do that (I think you need 3).

Have a look at this build idea and see if it helps you any.

Hi serval,

if you want help, please send some screenshots of your char.
What we need is - skillsetting, devotionsetting, spent attribute points,
resistances, defense and of course your equipment.
Four or five good screenshots and a link to grimcalc with your
skillpointatribution should do the trick.

What I can tell you is, you dont need alle the legendary or elite unique items
to finish Ultimate. It would be nice, if you have some of it, but there are very
good rare, green items as well, which give decent pet-bonuses and bonuses
for you as well.



Ps. recently I tried my pets on ultimate without petgear, just with
full developed endgame constellations. It was slow, but I managed
to do some serious damage. Meteor shower, Tainted eruption, Fissure,
Elemental Storm and scorpion Sting on max-level should do the trick.

 Your pet-gear is important, but most people underestimate devotion-
 spell/skill-settings. Choose the best for your pets and your are not
 so much depended on + %pet-damega-items.