Full devastation builds?

Haven’t been here since the new forum rework and it’s kind of hard to navigate and couldn’t find old posts that I used to refer to for a full devastation build so decided to make a new topic. Basically looking to find a SR 75 viable build that utilizes all types of devastations. So devastation from arcanist, outcast’s secrets, meteor from devotions etc since I miss having a ton of aoe on a caster build. I have a spellbinder, battlemage and templar ready!

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Using outcast helm and the meteor granting amulet will really narrow your build options. I suspect sorcerer will be the ideal mastery choice here but you’ve just gone and blocked yourself out of the demo conduit that gives considerable regen. I don’t expect it to be a comfortable build for SR 75, more along the lines of “hey I got lucky and encountered joke bosses so it cleared 75”

Old meteor sorc got gutted by various nerfs and wasn’t extremely well off to begin with. I advise just looking at Pyran’s which remains serviceable post nerf

I made a meme cold devastation build which can beat naked crucible. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy9qmnZ

Obviously with buffs/banners you’re not going to need a double rolled grava pants.

EDIT: It’s very very slow though. AoE of devastation is too large for you to take down small human targets.

so u want build that use Devastation, mortar , apocalypse,meteor ,+ meteor devotion ?

As much as I like apoc, as long as it has devastation, outcast’s secret and meteor devotion I should be fine. I just want enough devastations to be able to be chained constantly without downtime.

There are other ways to decrease downtime - i.e. eternity. IIRC, devastation had a downtime of something like 3s in my build.

But if it’s a thematic build you’re going after, may I suggest - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrOvkON

Very interesting set, haven’t seen a single piece drop yet. Still haven’t gotten the eternity relic blueprint either but will give it a shot when that eventually happens. Thanks for the input!

Pyran sorc is the obvious choice. Mortars also kinda fall down from the sky so… With Apocalypse amulet and Torch devo you got… 1, 2, 3, 4 fally meteory thingies. You can add Herald of the Blazing ends for the 5th. You can add TSS and Blizzard devo to keep it colorful :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like it, leveling a sorc now while looking for trades on pyran set. Only problem I can see is trying to fit blizzard in devotion wise without losing all the fire proc devotions. Might just have to lose fissure for the blue aesthetics.

I wasn’t serious with that Blizzard. I thought about it, though, on a 100% ele to fire Pyran shieldbreaker. Anyway, Pyran shold be the best build with Devastation as main. If not that, try Terrnox Aether Tome + Outcast Secret and go for some spellbinder (but I don’t know what since those 2 items block the 2 binder sets: Agrivix and Clairvoyaint - and Devastation alone is not enough to carry a binder imo). The upside to aether binders is that it’s easier to fit it Aeon which is essential for efficient Devastation.

From the looks of it Pryan’s set changes the colour of devestation from green to red due to the set bonus conversion, so I’m even more inclinde to take some kind of blue in the build for aesthetics :confused: I was thinking of grimping myself to use outcast’s secrets but the 4 piece set bonus seems too strong to pass up, even if the skill won’t be used much.

here is a concept I never got around posting… it requires two mi pieces of gear, but the rolls arent mandatory from the link (although stonehide gives your poison overcap) It turns devastation into a nuke skill. It makes all projectiles hit every target within the 3meter area. (3 meter target area… projectilles are 2.8 radius). It works pretty well and is pretty safe with censure + 22 seal.

here is a slightly out dated video with a slightly different build. https://plays.tv/video/5d1e05c3b33237de72/-1-1-3-0-3-meter-radius-devastation-vs-madqueen-magehunter

another cool thing is you can change what your devastation looks like based on which of the transmute item you equip last

or this kind of memey aether devastation/ aether chain lighting build that uses that rare ring set https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zDX0AZ

Why can’t you fit in blizzard? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxmMBbZ

Because I wanted giant’s blood to accommodate for the set’s health regen bonuses and possibly phoenix for the absorption :confused: But yeah, if I drop those it easy to pick up.

As mad_lee suggested in my recent skyfire grenadier build, ghoul/bat outperforms giant’s blood by a mile.

Regardless, if you want GB, just remove the 3 points in sailor’s guide for it.

Interesting, I’ll try that devotion path out instead then :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

Probably impossible but is there anyway to prevent the spell colours from changing when converted from FG patch? With the new set my entire screen is red and makes me miss my old AoM dev build :frowning:

I saw the physical spellscourge build another day and the physical devestation looks like poop from the sky lol

Yup, that was the reason why I quit playing my spellscourge main and tried looking for a new devastation build. Also using blade arc spam looks terrible much like CT spam because the animation has no variation :confused:

I cant get into CT builds no matter how godly they may be, the animation looks like you are just farting at one spot until the enemy dies. It is more excitement than the cauldron of excitement.