Fun and good skills?

Despite all the threads I’ve open, I’ve only finished the game on normal once, with my reflection tank; everytime I try to do a new build, I just get bored around level 20 because I don’t like the skills I’m using.

So I ask you guys; what skills you find fun to use?

What skills feel powerful enough, and are aesthetically pleasing to your eye?
I started to kind of like Blade Arc in its simplicity, but I found it weak at level 20 already, and I’ve heard bleed builds are not so good.

Mind you; I don’t like using 20 skills in a normal rotation.
1 main cool skill and max 3-4 other active ones(not counting buffs and auras of course).
If I wanted to use more skills I’d be playing WoW, lmao.

I REALLY want to do new characters before proceeding with my main, because I want to use the gear I stored up in my chest before emptying it(because you know, limited space).

Maybe I try to do an autoclick build, like a 2h savagery shaman or a demolitionist-something.

What are your suggestions?

Right now

Stun Jacks
Greater Fireblast

At level 20 you should be DESTROYING everything with blade arc =x Unless you have like 1 point in it. BA should wreck the entirety of veteran pretty much

I’m really like my bomber man demo/sorc right now shit is fun, BWC is probably my favorite
Primal strike is always fun
Callidor’s Tempest is great fun imo
Dreeg’s Evil Eye

Use a program to give you unlimited stash, it is infinitely better than creating a ton of mules or dealing with a tiny stash will save you a lot of time and hastle. I suggest Mamba’s GD Stash, find in utiltiies forum

What’s the easiest to use?

Blade arc with laceration is my fav. Watching groups of mobs explode into chunks from my big 2 hand weapon is great

Shadow strike on the nightblade is pretty fun. Simple ability but pretty satisfying to fly around executing guys with.

It’s got some insane utility for multiplayer too since you can dash to your squishier dps friends if they are getting attacked and peel for them. Or dash out of a tight spot to an lone enemy to escape

Blitz is probably my favourite skill in the game. Everytime i use it i imagine my character saying: “lookatmeicanrunfastyaaaaaay!!!”. Plus seeing the enemies flying off in different directions just makes it hilarious because of this game’s physics.

It also got a big buff in the recent update which makes it sweeter.

Blitz indeed is a nice and very appealing for the eye :slight_smile:

I personally find canister bomb very pleasing, and it wrecks everything.

Throwing feces

+1 for DEE

gotta use those odd poison/acid dmg stuff