Fun hard Aether builds?

Hey guys! I’ve been messing around with a Vit Conjuror lately. So much fun! I was curious if there are any Aether based “Piano” builds out there? Thanks!

Try this one of mine.

Oh, sorry for not specifying, I’m looking for more of a caster. But thanks anyway!

Have a look at some aether caster and other aether builds. I can’t tell which of them are piano builds without looking myself.

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Drain Essence spellbinder comes to mind, I know AlkamosHater has a pretty updated one [] Uroboruuk Drain Essence Spellbinder CR 5:20/ SR 110/ Ravager

If you want more buttons to push, consider apostate with all those word of renewal, seal, word of pain and storm box :stuck_out_tongue:

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