[] Uroboruuk Drain Essence Spellbinder CR 5:20/ SR 110/ Ravager

Updated build for It’s just stronger now.


Cr 5:20

SR 110 - relic switched for eternity for less kiting between MoT/mirror cycles.


[] old build


Hello. I’ve never played with drain essence so I decided to make character around it which fill my requirements - easy and comfortable 75-76 farming without agro abuse, at least sr90 and celestials. My choice is spellbinder because Uroboruuk is very squishy set. Except life leech on basically Dark One level we got MoT and mirror cycling.

E: Thanks for Mares suggestions I’ve changed 2 points from SS into CT and WoA, it really reset Hourglass better. We can balance few points around Mental Aracity, Fabric of Reality and Reckless Power too to have 200% cast speed ingame depending of rolls on gear.

Build may have resistances issues which we can solve with Ilgorr’s Eternal Vigil’s mods, however I didn’t use very tanky version. Auguments depends of it.

I was thinking around taking Wraithborne Legwraps and Harmony Leggins - second one is better for naked crucible because of these perma-disruption heroes, for SR/superbosses I choice first one. Altough Harmony Leggins may be switched for in very high sr only vs Grava’thul, he is not a threat in 75-76 because his disruption is not constant like from CR’s heroes.

Devotion route is made by chinese community what I’ve mentioned in my other spellbinder build, it’s just bis for aether characters going for mot/mirror cycling.

I took so many skill points for Mirror and Mot because every single second matters in terms of survivality, altough it can be changed for Crucible.

95 SR -> after 90 we need some luck, it’s easy before. I am glad Zantai repaired corner glitch, now it’s just great spot for hiding from Alex’s meteors or bodyblock some bosses.


80 SR full boss room -> showcase we shouldn’t fear lower sr, altough for some boss combos to make it deathless I suggest to kill first boss before (just don’t move after going into room), then jump for rest. Most bosses can be killed all at once.


170 crucible naked with extra spawn -> another showcase of our immortality, I wasn’t speedrunning it because I don’t know routes. Rune on medal is changed for Breath of Amatok because short cooldown and freezing some crowd, for SR I prefer rune of displacemnt because of instant teleport without moving through monsters (and taking possible hits) and it’s good for dodging Grava’thul nullify.


Ravager kill - 3:20 with pharma, it’s 3:50-4:00 without because we need more sidesteps in second phase. Facetanking 95% of time. Callagadra can be killed with kiting (like with almost every build except squishy melees), Crate is too frustrating for me, rage quitted it after taken him to 10% and dying. Too much luck and RNG is needed her so I’ve abandoned this idea. For mogdrogen just stack lightning resistances with auguments and go.


I am open for suggestions, regards.


Nice build! Is Harbinger of Souls worse than Reckless Power?

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Not here, they provide same (cast speed and +%aether damage) but then you need to level up Necro mastery bar …

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SR80 is low? You take that back, now. Or else… I stomp with my foot.

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@AngmarDT Reckless Power add flat aether and we would need 40 points to arcanist mastery anyway to reach Fabric of Reality so with maxed necromancy we lose 8 skill points which we are hungry for.

@klasperstanze I meant if we can facetank whole 80 room then 65-75 or whatever shards people prefer for farming is going to be easy :smile:

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This was mine I never got around to posting… it is the fastest crucible clearing version
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWj0yy2 craft for x4 %physique bonus
Huge spirit dump + more racial damage + aetherfire max spam (does a lot of added damage)
It can clear around 5:30-5:40ish with 4 buff


All nodes of main skill are capped, something for the people with OCD! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice take on this popular(I thinks so) build.


@Nery Thank you! :grinning:

@Valinov Nice setup! I have questions because of curiosity:

  1. What about Reckless Power instead of HoS?
  2. Is Mark of Anthema better than some fantasy Illgors Eternal Vigil? It’s racial damage vs 6% crit damage and chance for affecting 2 targets. What is better for clearing?
  3. What about some suiciding move like taking 3 points away from Hourglass into Dying god? Wouldn’t be eternity enough for cdr reset on buffed crucible?

I made the build before the green existed. Tbh the aoe isnt an issue as is, and the extra racial helps against valdaran, the aether trio, and aleks. Im sure they are both great options. I imagine you could finish DG, but the DA from HG would have to made up elsewhere.

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Nice Urobinder.

I don’t know how that corner was before, but there is another corner close to where the char spawns that prevents Aleks to actually drop his meteor/comets. He casts the skills, but they never fall.

This one, you may have to wiggle around a bit till you hit the right spot. It still works, I tested it.

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Before it worked like that:

Now monsters cast skills here but it’s still good spot to hide from meteors or bodyblock more enemies. This current spot I know about but I avoid to use it so I have no idea if it’s repaired.

These spots are really broken, I’ve facetanked whole 119 room with warlord because of it:

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Build is great, and very similar to how I like to play it.

The only things I’d personally change are some small tweaks to skill points:

  • Non overcapped MoT, Arcane Will and 1-point wonder on Mental Alacrity if gear rolls on cast speed allow it
  • Overcapped Maiven, Reckless Power, Fabric of Reality to their maximum reachable values
  • 12/12 Mirror (I even play with 7/12 on 90% of my arcanist characters) and 12/12 Elemental Balance
  • Agrivix Malice in place of Eternity, you already play a Spellbinder with Aeon’s Hourglass, Eternity feels a bit overkill on the CDR side. :smiley:

But I understand your choices from an endgame point of view, especially for super high SR shards.

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Thank you! I will explain my choices :wink:

There is 1 second duration difference between 10/10 and 15/10 MoT which is matter of life or death in very high SR. This one second may be one hit from enemy and we are dead. About Mental Alacrity you are right, depends of gear rolls. In GT 2 points are okay for cap casting speed at 200%, rest depends of rolls ingame.
With good rolls we can overcap skills you mentioned under.

Mirror is similar thing to MoT, life or death thing in high sr. I would like to get even more points to it but it’s impossible without losing other things. Elemental balance can be invested more into Crucible where we don’t need so overcaped MoT and mirror.

That build survivality is basically only CDR, if we got some unlucky mirror/mot/ghoul cykle window we need to do side step or we are going to die. This set is extremaly squishy. For spellbinders like AAR or PRM we can get even more CDR with Aldaraan Vanity offhand which in terms of survivality (in deepest sr possible we want to reach, 90-100) outclasses other typical PRM/AAR offhand choices. I’ve tested it but I don’t want to spam our build section with so much spellbinders builds based on same mechanic :rofl:

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Why not?

Spellbinder is love, Spellbinder is life. :rofl:

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I don’t want to bore people :rofl: I am already working on something more unique which passed one of my tests with good result, if it’s gonna work in other aspect I will post it, other spellbinders later :sweat_smile:

Cool setup, @AlkamosHater. Just one thing: on this particular setup, 1p Siphon (over 200aether with 14%adcth) actually heals you worse than 1p CT (over 100aether + 112%wpn dmg with almost 14%adcth). And CT has the advantage that it procs TD immediately and without fail.

Behemoth for health is cool for SR. But I’m triggered by the “just BiS” thing… :wink: If you just limit your SR expectations to 80-ish, you can get a lot of extra dmg from Imp, etc. Also, routes with Phoenix have been known to be pretty tanky.

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Thank you! You can be right about it, I would put 1 point to Inferno because some DoT can help it proc if reset don’t go immediately. Siphon souls at all works too with 1 point into Sear Souls even if you cast it few seconds before Hourglass cooldown is off because of debuff procing devotion too :wink:

“BiS” thing I meant for my target so +90sr and safe 75-76, kinda like “unofficial HC build” :sweat_smile:

Reset goes immediately. TD has 100% chance on a 5s cd skill. Siphon is 6s but it has a low proc chance because it ticks like Ill Omen or Pox (but for zero damage).

I also used the aether displacement movement rune. It only has over 80% to proc TD so it can fail against one enemy. And it’s 0.6s more cd than the normal Displacement. But no extra button. And occasional double blink is cool.

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I thought Siphon ticked for the duration (3 seconds), at least when I try in game it deals the damage three times.

That’s right. What I wrote there was wrong. It ticks with all dmg. Sorry for misinfo.

Still, I’d go for CT as Siphon with 20% chance can delay proccing of TD against a single opponent or even fail completely.